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Florida Introduces Digital Driver’s Licenses With Smart ID App


Florida rejected COVID-19 Passports in a major victory for the people.

There’s also a bill in the committee stage to ban employer vaccine mandates in Florida.

That would make Biden’s COVID-19 jab mandate illegal in the Sunshine State.

From the text of HB 75:

760.101 Discrimination based on vaccination status or
immunity passport.—It is an unlawful discriminatory practice for:
(1) A person or governmental entity to refuse, withhold
from, or deny a person any local or state services, goods, facilities, advantages, privileges, licensing, educational opportunities, health care access, or employment opportunities based on the person’s vaccination status or whether the person has an immunity passport;
(2) An employer to refuse employment to a person, bar a person from employment, or discriminate against a person in compensation or in a term, condition, or privilege of employment based on the person’s vaccination status or whether the person
has an immunity passport; or
(3) A public accommodation to exclude, limit, segregate,
refuse to serve, or otherwise discriminate against a person based on the person’s vaccination status or whether the person has an immunity passport.

But there’s something else Florida is attempting to slip through the back door.

Digital IDs.

Florida is close to launching digital driver’s licenses.

The Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles presented the technology to the Florida Senate.

Check out this news clip:

WDBO reported:

The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles(FLHSMV) hopes to launch their new mobile driver license option beginning next month, and they have laid out a basic idea of how its going to work.

According to their website, they say the Florida Smart ID is in an optional app tool and not a replacement for your physical ID card, which you still need to keep on you when you are driving a car. Once you download the app and authenticate your ID, all you need do is open the app, select the verification type you need depending on your situation, and then have the person scan the displayed QR/barcode on your smart device to get that info.

They say in the future, they hope to partner with Apple to have this feature included in the Apple wallet.

FLHSMV shared more info:

The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV) is committed to modernizing nearly every aspect of what we do and how customers access our services. As part of that sustained commitment, the state of Florida is stepping into the future and developing an intuitive mobile driver license – Florida Smart ID. The Florida Smart ID app is a secure version of your driver license, which can be downloaded on your smart device when launched. It is not simply a photo of your license. When used with an associated Florida Smart ID Verifier, customers can provide a safe, trusted and contactless proof of identity or age.

After downloading and authenticating, Florida motorists will simply launch their Florida Smart ID app, select the type of verification needed, and display the QR/barcode on their smart device to be scanned for verification. The smart device does not need to leave the owner’s hand when being verified by a retailer or by law enforcement, making Florida Smart ID a contact-free and convenient way to display proof of identity or age.

In the future, Florida residents will be able to apply for a Florida Smart ID that is easily accessible on iOS and Android devices, including smartphones, tablets and other smart devices. Florida Smart ID is an optional tool for Floridians as a convenient, digital and secure backup to your physical Florida driver license. It does not replace the physical driver license, which will still need to be carried when operating a motor vehicle.

This is only the beginning for Florida Smart ID.

It starts with digitalizing your driver’s license for ‘convenience’, but will eventually carry over to all aspects of life.

The ID grants government and tech corporations your data for intrusive surveillance.

Don’t be mistaken, the same QR codes can be used to monitor your health records, banking information, and social media.


The future integration of this digital ID into Apple Wallet spells bad news.

Similar to vaccine passports, a digital driver’s license is a backdoor entry to totalitarian control and no privacy.

Floridians must reject digital driver’s licenses that work in lockstep with the UN globalist agenda.

But the push for digital IDs isn’t a Florida-specific issue.

Apple is working with several states to create digital IDs via Apple Wallet.

From 9to5 Mac:

After first announcing that iOS 15 would bring support for digital IDs via Apple Wallet back at WWDC in June, the first US states that will lead the adoption of the new standard have been named. There are 8 states announced for now that are committed to using Apple Wallet IDs and interestingly, they’re probably not the ones you’d guess. The first of the 8 to launch will be Arizona and Georgia and Apple also says it is already talking with “many more states” about adopting IDs in Apple Wallet.

Apple shared the specifics in a Newsroom post this morning with the first states working with them being Arizona, Connecticut, Georgia, Iowa, Kentucky, Maryland, Oklahoma, and Utah. Notably, the TSA will be among the first places to accept the Apple Wallet IDs at “select airport security checkpoints.”


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