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Dad Serves School Board with $200 Million Lawsuit Over Mask Mandate Despite AG Garland’s Threats


The FBI is not shy about labeling concerned parents as ‘threats.’

With direction from the US Attorney General Merrick Garland, parents are the new domestic terrorists.

Thankfully, the threat doesn’t seem to have held parents back.

If anything, it has encouraged parents to take a stand for their children’s education and freedom.

One Dad in Clark County, Nevada, didn’t let the threat of the FBI stop him from showing up to his school board meeting.

During his speech to the Clark County School Board, this Dad demands that parents have their freedom of choice.

Then, in the middle of his speech, he serves the board with a $200 million lawsuit!

Disgusted with the medical malpractice of the district mandating masks on their children, the Dad serves the board with six complaints and multiple violations.

He even enlists the help of security to serve the board!

Then, He follows up by stating that the parents will throw out lawsuit after lawsuit to get the mask mandates to end.

The unidentified Dad tells the board, “Your job is not to be concerned with the children’s health. You’re not nurses; you’re not doctors…Your only focus is our children’s education.”

You can watch this fed-up Dad serve his school board on Rumble below:

The parents in the mask mandate lawsuit are claiming violation of due process rights.

In the lawsuit, parents allege the school board committed felony threats to injure a person because masks are scientifically proven to cause physical and mental harm.

Becker News has more on the lawsuit:

The lawsuit was served in late September and was reported by the Las Vegas Sun.

“Another set of parents has sued the Clark County School District in federal court to eliminate its coronavirus pandemic mask mandate,” the Las Vegas Sun reported. “They want $200 million in damages and criminal charges for top district officials.”

“Fourteen plaintiffs, with 18 children between them, said in the suit filed Monday in U.S. District Court in Las Vegas that the school board and CCSD Superintendent Jesus Jara ‘blatantly and maliciously’ violated the Constitution with the requirement,” the report continued.

“Plaintiffs’ children have constitutionally protected interests in the benefits that come from them not being subject to the Board’s mask mandate, including the ability to pursue an education without being subjected to health risks that are not offset by any scientifically provable benefits,” the parents argued in the complaint.

“The parents, who are representing themselves, claim violation of due process rights and allege that Jara and the school board committed felony threats ‘to injure a person’ because masks have been ‘scientifically proven’ to cause physical and mental harm,” the report added.

The Biden administration’s Attorney General Merrick Garland may have hoped to deter parents from showing up at their School Board meetings, but it looked like his threat backfired.

On October 4th, Garland warned parents that the FBI would potentially go after them for speaking out at school board meetings.


AG Garland’s dismissal of parents’ concerns is hypocritical of the “pro-family” Biden agenda.

In a clear violation of our first amendment rights, our US Attorney General pushes the socialist agenda into fruition.

Why is Garland targeting concerned parents?

Doesn’t America have more menacing threats than parents speaking to protect their children?

Through all this, it appears Garland may have a conflict of interest and hidden motive for silencing parents.

And it’s all tied to his son-in-law’s CRT distribution company.

Merrick Garland’s daughter, Rebecca Garland, is married to Xan Tanner.

Tanner is the co-founder of a company providing materials that teach Critical Race Theory.

The company is called Panorama Education and is a distributor of CRT teaching materials.

As you can see, Panorama Education is doing very well financially.

Follow the money!

The socialist indoctrination of our youth and silence of dissent remains paramount to the Biden regime.

Knowing what we know about the Biden family’s business dealings, it’s not surprising this happens under their watch.

100 Percent Fed Up has more:

The company isn’t suffering for funds. Just last month, Tanner raised $60 million in funds to expand the business:

Panorama Education has raised $60 million in a Series C round of funding led by General Atlantic.

Tanner’s mission is to “improve racial and cultural climate on campus.”

“By asking students to reflect on their experiences of equity and inclusion in school, education leaders can gather actionable data to understand and improve the racial and cultural climate on campus.” ~ Panorama Education, Xan Tanner Co-founder

The Supreme Court has precedence of recognizing American parents’ Constitutional right to control and direct their children’s education.

Garland needs to address this apparent conflict of interest instead of using parents as scapegoats.

However, parents speaking out against AG Garland’s agenda are a clear threat to the Biden administration.

And to Garland’s family pocketbook.



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