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Huge “F*** Joe Biden Chant Occurs at Ole Miss/Arkansas College Football Game


This college football season has been raucus, but maybe not for the reasons you’d expect.

No, instead I’m talking about the new favorite chant of every college football fan:

“Let’s go Brandon…”  I mean “F*** Joe Biden!”

That’s right, we are now on Week 6 of the college season, and the chants have completely overshadowed the game.

It seems like American patriots are taking back sports.

Meanwhile, the media is trying so hard to ignore, distract, or pretend the chants aren’t occuring.

Specifically, an absolute massive version of the chant was recently heard during the Ole Miss/Arkansas Game. 

Check this out!

David Hookstead of the Daily Caller had this to say of the chants:

College football fans have truly had enough of being told what to do, being told to stay inside and being told that we can’t pack stadiums.

The war to save football is over and the good guys won. Now, fans are making it clear that they’re not fans of the President of the United States.

David has been talking about these occurences alot lately.

He recently spoke to Don Jr, and asked his opinion of the chants:

The media are trying so hard to pretend this isn't happening.

Let's keep talking about it so they have to report on it!

Our friends at Breitbart are doing there part.

They had this to say on the matter:

The ubiquitous chant has been joined by an adjunct phrase, too, one that mocks both Biden and his lapdogs in the media. After CBS Sports reporter Kelli Stavast pretended that a crowd of NASCAR fans were chanting “Let’s go Brandon” instead of “F*ck Joe Biden,” many are using her phrase to needle both Biden and the media at the same time

Say it loud and proud!

The media is going bonkers over this one.

F*** Joe Biden is becoming the #1 College Football chant in America


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