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Fauci Changes “Fully Vaccinated” Status to Include Experimental COVID-19 Boosters


Conspiracy theorists can take another victory lap.

They’re proven right once again in this COVID-19 Tyranny Saga.

I’ve previously warned boosters were coming to America.

Similar to Israel, you’ll require a third dose to receive “fully vaccinated” status.

During an interview with The Atlantic, Fraudci admitted a booster is needed for a “complete regimen.”

Fraudci’s statement walks in lockstep with CDC Director Rochelle Walensky’s ruling to recommend boosters for frontline workers.

And I can state from personal experience that propaganda to push the boosters is already rolling out.

After learning about Fraudci’s redefinition of “fully vaccinated,” I walked into a pharmacy that played an advertisement promoting boosters.

Their agenda unfolding before our eyes.

From The Atlantic:

As those committees deliberated, the experts considered qualitative evidence on the shots’ safety and efficacy, but also kept getting stuck on two larger conceptual questions. First: What, exactly, is the point of offering third shots? Skeptics of large-scale boosting argue that the COVID-19 vaccines were designed to prevent severe hospitalization and death, while third shots seem more likely to offer (temporary) protection against infection and mild disease. In their view, boosting wouldn’t offer any meaningful gains. “I reject that,” Fauci, who serves as Joe Biden’s chief medical adviser and the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease, said at The Atlantic Festival today. “I think we should be preventing people from getting sick from COVID even if they don’t wind up in the hospital.”

The second big question that tripped up the experts: Are third shots of an mRNA vaccine really boosters to remind our immune systems how to fight off the enemy, or are they essential for everyone to reach full protection? Put another way, can you be “fully vaccinated” without one? Fauci has previously suggested that third shots could become common practice, and today took an even stronger tack: “It is likely, for a real complete regimen, that you would need at least a third dose.”

To hear it from the horse’s mouth, watch the full interview:

The Post Millennial weighed in:

When pressed by The Atlantic‘s Ed Yong and the criticism surrounding the lack of long-term protection from the mRNA booster shots, Dr. Fauci said that he encourages vaccination regardless if it fails to provide quality protection.

“I think we should be preventing people from getting sick from COVID even if they don’t wind up in the hospital,” Dr. Fauci said at The Atlantic Festival on Tuesday.

Skeptics of the COVID-19 booster shots believe that boosters won’t provide significant protection and will only act as a temporary shield to the virus, contrary to the vaccines that were designed to prevent hospitalization and death.

However, Fauci said that he “rejects” skeptics’ notions and insisted it’s beneficial to have temporary protection than no protection; despite the fact that the mRNA COVID vaccine was allegedly designed prevent the virus.

During the interview, Fauci explained it’s highly likely that individuals won’t be considered fully-vaccinated unless they get booster shots.

Here’s the simple truth.

Some people are more than willing to roll up their sleeve for a third dose.

And that’s on them to keep playing along with this never-ending game.

But millions of Americans never wanted one dose.

They only took these experimental injections to keep their job, travel, or avoid wearing masks.

Plenty of Americans don’t want a booster.

My question for them is this.

Are you still going to play along with this agenda?

Or, will you join the purebloods and fight this medical fascist takeover?

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