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Elderly Woman Kicked Out of McDonald’s for Not Having “Her Papers” (Vax Card)


Do you think people are over-exaggerating the threat of discrimination against the unvaccinated?

Do you think that our rights will be equally applied regardless of your vax status?

Think again.

An elderly lady was just denied service inside a McDonalds.

She was eventually kicked out of the McDonalds and wasn’t allowed to place an order.


Because she didn’t have “her papers.”

You see, this elderly woman was vaccinated.

But she didn’t have her vaccine card on her.

It didn’t matter that she had already had the jab.

Just because she didn’t have her papers, she was turned away and denied the ability to eat.

See the stunning moment captured on video below:

How will this affect the elderly?

How will this kind of policy HURT the homeless?

Furthermore, how will this policy hurt minority communities, especially the black community?

You see, minorities are the least likely to get vaccinated.

Blacks, for example, are much LESS likely to get vaccinated than white people.

So isn’t this policy racist based on the Left’s own definition?

Think this isn’t political?

NBC New York reports that one McDonalds will be serving vaccines:

Would you like fries — and a COVID shot — with your order?

One menu item is out of the ordinary at a McDonald’s restaurant in Massapequa — as the COVID-19 vaccine was the “special” at the fast-food joint Wednesday.

“It seems odd that it’s in a McDonalds, that they would be vaccinating people in a McDonalds,” customer Lucille Schlecht said.

However, for McDonald’s owner Jonah Kaufman the offer wasn’t odd at all.

“We were trying to come up with different ways to get out employees vaccinated,” he said.

Kaufman has 700 employees at 11 McDonald’s locations throughout Long Island and he would love to get as many of them as possible vaccinated in an effort to combat the ongoing pandemic.

With this in mind, he asked Nassau County’s traveling vaccine program to set up shop at his restaurant.

“A model that works is to go to businesses, where people are all the time,” Nassau Health Commissioner Dr. Lawrence Eisenstein said.

Nassau’s health department began taking vaccines directly to businesses last month. The goal is to remove many obstacles stopping workers and customers from getting the shot.

“The No. 1 reason for [people not getting vaccinated] is they’re not sure where to go, who to see, what to do,” Kaufman said.

This Mcdonald’s vaccination pod opened two days after Long Island saw over 1,000 new COVID-19 cases in a 24-hour span — a number second only to NYC.

However, Nassau County’s health commissioner says 75% of those new infections are unvaccinated people — proof he says that vaccination remains the best way out of the pandemic

“People who are vaccinated are typically not getting extremely sick and dying from this. So it is working the way it’s supposed to,” Eisenstein said.

Maybe so, but some here prefer a combo meal minus the vaccine.

“I wouldn’t come here to get vaccinated. That’s the last place I would go,” Schlecht, the customer News 4 New York spoke to, said.

Should restaurants also ask for proof of employment before you can place an order?

Should they ask for proof of citizenship?

Of course not!

So why is it ok for restaurants to ask for your vaccination papers before serving you?

People are taking to social media to express their anger:

Think this is a rare event?

Think this can’t happen where you live?

Think again.

Cities all over North America are implementing this mandate.

Local ABC 7 News confirms that San Francisco has issued a similar mandate:

San Franciscans and those visiting the city are now required to show proof of vaccination to enter restaurants, bars, gyms, theaters, and indoor events with more than 1,000 people. It has been a long time since I have been carded when going into a bar or restaurant, but that is the new normal now.

So, how do you prove you have been vaccinated? Well you can bring your vaccination card and show that, but “The City” is certainly not boxing you in.

There are plenty of ways to prove you have been vaccinated, aside from showing the paper card. You can take a picture of your card with your phone and show that. You can also show a digital vaccine record issued by the state of California.

The San Francisco Department of Public Health has also approved three digital vaccine cards: CLEAR HealthPass, CommonPass and VaxYes.


Catesby Perrin is with Clear. “So when you have to walk around with private data and have pull out cards in your wallet, we think we can do that in a more secure and more frictionless way,” says Perrin. “Instead of having to worry about that CDC card — did I lose it, where’s that photo — here’s my ID as well,” he says. “We can make that seamless, frictionless and it’s simply a credential in the APP you pull that up you show your blue digital vax credential with clear and you’re in.”

With restaurants, bars and entertainment venues on the front line, the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce is helping to chart The City’s course.

Rodney Fong is the Chamber’s President & CEO. “At the Chamber of Commerce, we believe in technology and science and we believe that we should use every tool possible that, when we have it available to us,” he says.

Fong says the card mandate will help local businesses in these tough times.

If there is no public pushback against these orders, it is very likely that these mandates will spread.

It’s unclear whether more cities in the US intend to implement such a mandate before the end of the month.


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