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Trump Cracks Up Golf Partners: “You Think Biden Can Hit a Shot Like That?”


President Trump is charming and charismatic.

It’s easy to forget this because of the negative media coverage and how effective he was as president.

Well, today we got a glimpse of what makes Trump so “human” and relatable.

He was on a golf course with his partners.

President Trump took an incredible shot.

In fact, the shot was so impressive that the people on the golf course started clapping and singing Trump’s praises.

Without missing a beat, Trump turned to the camera and said:

You think Biden can hit a shot like that?

It’s this sort of humor that makes Trump so disarming and unexpected.

He can tell the truth without making something political.

Trump didn’t mention politics.

He didn’t bash Biden.

He simply asked if the others thought that Biden could do what he just did.

See Trump’s golf skills for yourself below!

Of course…

Somewhere out there, there is an angry liberal who is furious that Trump is on a golf course.

Remember when Trump was in the White House?

The media always covered Trump’s golf trips.

Well, why aren’t they covering Biden’s many trips back to Delaware?

Why aren’t they talking about Biden’s trips to the beach?

The New York Post reported that Biden went to the beach as America was assaulted by multiple crises:

President Biden left the White House before noon Friday for a long weekend at his beach house and kept out of sight as the FDA rejected his push for COVID-19 vaccine “booster” shots, the Pentagon admitted it killed Afghan civilians and France recalled its ambassador.

Biden didn’t speak with reporters about the trio of political debacles during the less than two-hour trip to his Rehoboth Beach, Del., mansion — or after he arrived.

In a forever stain on Biden’s chaotic Afghanistan pullout, the Pentagon admitted it mistakenly killed 10 innocent civilians including a US aid contractor and seven children on Aug. 29, one day before the final evacuation flights from Kabul — and not Islamic State terrorists, as originally claimed.

At about the same time, an influential Food and Drug Administration panel voted 16-2 to reject a request for approval of “booster” shots of Pfizer’s two-dose COVID-19 vaccine, upending months of Biden administration planning.

The FDA panel did approve a third shot for senior citizens, after last month giving the green-light for people with compromised immune systems. But the mixed verdict complicates administration messaging after Biden mandated that federal workers and employees of businesses with 100 people submit to vaccination or lose their jobs.

The Biden administration set aside enough “booster” shots for most Americans despite pleas from the Third World and some health groups to prioritize other countries out of concern that new virus mutations could emerge.

More than 76 percent of US adults have had at least one vaccine shot, according to CDC data, but new US infections and deaths soared due to the more contagious Delta variant of the virus. Currently, the new infection rate is about the same as in late January when few people were vaccinated — though daily deaths are lower.

Adding to the Biden’s administration’s dismal Friday, France pulled its ambassador in protest of Biden’s ham-handed rollout of a new security pact with the UK and Australia called AUKUS, which will help Australia build nuclear submarines to counter China.

Will Biden take another beach vacation this weekend?

Will he go back to his basement in Delaware?

We will find out in a few more days…


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