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Australia Banned Guns: Now Their Citizens Are Being Shot by Police for COVID Protests


The Australian left succeeded in taking their people’s gun rights away.

The left banned all semi-automatic rifles as well as all semi-automatic and pump-action shotguns.

In short, they disarmed their population.

Today, those people probably wish that they had guns.

The police in Australia were authorized to begin shooting protesters.


Because they were protesting against vaccine mandates and against draconian shutdowns.

In other words, the police were told to shoot people “for their health.”

We have a question…

Since when is shooting someone good “for their health”?


Graphic images are below.

Here are the disturbing images of Australian police shooting its citizens over COVID:

The next time you hear the American left talking about taking guns away, think of this article.

Do you want to be the next Australia?

Do you want protesters being shot in the back for exercising their First Amendment right?

This is why we have the right to bear arms!

To protect against an authoritarian and dangerous government!


The media is purposefully not reporting on this.


Because they don’t want Americans to know that this is what the future looks like if we give away our right to bear arms?

Want proof that this is happening?

Look at the footage coming out of Australia right now.

We’re including more footage below.

But first, be sure to share this article with your family and friends.

We need to be prepared for what’s coming.


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