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CNN’s Jim Acosta Gets Defensive After Madison Cawthorn Says: I Still Believe the Election Was Stolen


A heated exchange between CNN’s Jim Acosta and Republican Madison Cawthorn is just now going viral.

Though this altercation happened on the 4th of July weekend, people are just now beginning to share this all over social media.

Acosta is obviously no fan of Trump.

Well, he attempted to get Madison Cawthorn to backstab President Trump!

But Cawthorn wasn’t taking the bait.

Instead of turning on President Trump, Cawthorn doubled-down!

And in doing so, he reiterated his belief that the 2020 election was stolen!

Jim Acosta was SHOCKED.

Absolutely caught off guard.

You see, folks, the “reporters” at CNN all live in a bubble.

They don’t see or relate to the actual news that we see.

Even as audits are spreading to multiple states, the fake news media would prefer to keep their heads buried in the sand!

See the testy exchange below:

Jim Acosta cited the courts as “proof” that the election wasn’t stolen.


Keep in mind that the 2020 election has NOT been tried in court.

The courts routinely throughout election challenges.


They claimed that there was “no standing” for the lawsuits.

See the case of Texas v. Pennsylvania.

Mediate confirms the altercation:

CNN’s Jim Acosta takes the journalistic responsibility of “speaking truth to power,” which was on evidence earlier this week as he visited the Southen US Border visit of former President Donald Trump and challenged several GOP Congressmen of their ongoing support of Trump’s stolen election lies.

Acosta made a bit of news when he shouted, “Trump will you apologize for January 6th?” which was received by lustful boos from the assembled Republican members of Congress for this media event. Never one to shy away from clips of his own confrontation, Acosta played that moment before running a segment of interviews conducted with GOP Representatives like Madison Cawthorn, Jim Banks, and Darrel Issa. The back and forth with Cawthorn provided the most fireworks.

“What are your thoughts on associating yourself with the former president after he gave that speech on January 6th and provoked an insurrection at the capitol?” Acosta asked Cawthorn. “Why associate yourself with him?”

“Well, I think, Jim, you and I both know that I disagree with that assertion; the premise is that he invoked an insurrection,” the freshman congressman replied. “I think he spoke at a rally. What happened on January 6th is despicable, and people should be prosecuted that broke the law. I don’t think there was any provocation from anybody that spoke that day.”

“But he had been telling the big lie for weeks and continues to lie about the election,” Acosta pressed. “Why not find another standard-bearer for the party? Maybe you could be a standard-bearer for the party.”

“I do look forward to being the future of the Republican party, but I think Donald Trump is leading the way on that. You and I know that we have a complete disagreement. I do believe the election was stolen …”

A somewhat surprised Acosta interjected, “You still believe the election was stolen?” to which Cawthorn repeated, “I still believe the election was stolen.”

“Where is the proof of that? It was all rejected by the courts,” Acosta pressed.

“I believe the judicial system failed us,” Cawthorn replied.

With such disregard for the actual truth and actual news, it’s no wonder that CNN’s ratings are TANKING.

With such an anti-American attitude, it’s no wonder that CNN’s ratings have dropped 68%.

Some programs have lost as much as 75% of their viewership!

Fox News reports:

CNN personalities are getting defensive after former President Trump mocked the liberal network’s dramatic ratings free fall.

Trump issued a statement on Tuesday taking aim at some of his media adversaries, singling out TV hosts like CNN anchor Jake Tapper, and pointing out how CNN’s ratings “are down 70%,” calling it a “wonderful thing to see!”

Tapper, who is widely regarded as CNN’s most professional journalist, retaliated with a swipe against the former president.

“If I had incited and inspired a deadly insurrection and attempt to undo American democracy I might not be out there bragging about how many viewers it had. On any channel. But maybe that’s just me, I’m a different breed of cat,” Tapper wrote.

Matt Dornic, CNN’s head of strategic communications, went even further, appearing to celebrate President Biden’s administration.

“Imagine that. People are vaccinated, no longer terrified, and out enjoying their lives. If the trade-off is that every news net’s ratings are down, I’ll take it,” Dornic tweeted.

CNN anchor Don Lemon expressed a similar sentiment back in April when he was asked during an interview if he was “worried about the viewership fizzle.”

“No. I’m not worried about it,” Lemon responded. “The reason I’m not worried about it is because it beats the alternative. The alternative of him being in there and us having to figure out how we deal with lies, and bigotry, and hate, and the toxicity that was the Trump administration. Which has nothing for me to do with my ideology or politics because people have accused me of being conservative. It has nothing to do with politics.”

“Trump was a horrible person. And he was terrible for the country. And it is better for all — for the world that he is no longer the President of the United States,” Lemon continued. “So if that means that cable news ratings go down? Aww. So I’m not really that concerned about it. I would prefer that my ratings go down and Trump not be in office than my ratings be sky-high and him be there. That’s the honest truth.”

CNN’s senior media reporter Oliver Darcy went to bat for not only his own network but MSNBC as well by comparing Fox News’ year-to-year ratings, which is nowhere near CNN’s staggering losses.

Let us tell you this:

If CNN focused on actually reporting the news…

… rather than harassing patriots like Madison Cawthorn…

… perhaps their ratings would be better!


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