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Vaccinated People are Now 47% of New COVID Cases


Trust the science!

Well, the science is now telling us that 47% of new COVID cases are from people who have been vaccinated.

That’s not opinion.

That’s not a prediction.

That is fact.

Not only are vaccinated people spreading COVID more frequently, but there’s actually been a decrease in cases among people who have not been vaccinated.

Again, that is fact.

We just want to be very clear before our social media overlords attempt to “fact check” us.

More details, including the proof, below:

This fact is known thanks to scientists from King’s College in London.

According to the Daily Mail:

Vaccinated Britons now make up almost half of Covid cases in the country, a symptom-tracking study suggested today — but there are signs the third wave may have already peaked.

King’s College London scientists estimated 33,118 people were catching the virus daily in the week ending July 10, compared to 33,723 in the previous seven-day spell.

But 47 per cent of cases are among those who have received at least one dose of the Covid vaccine, surging upwards from around a quarter at the start of June.

This does not mean the jabs do not work. Scientists have always been honest that they are not perfect and millions will still be vulnerable to infection even after getting both doses.

Infections are rising fastest among young Britons — many of whom have only received one dose. But the ZOE app counts these people as ‘vaccinated’ even though they are not yet fully protected by two doses. A second dose of all vaccines has been shown to be much more effective than a first dose against the Indian ‘Delta’ variant.

Professor Tim Spector, who leads the study run with health-technology firm ZOE, said the shift in trend was likely because the virus was ‘running out’ of non-jabbed Britons to infect, with nearly 90 per cent of adults having now received at least one dose.

Studies show a single dose is less effective at preventing infection, although it still drastically slashes the risk of hospitalisation and death. Jabs are also slightly weaker against the Indian variant, which triggered the third wave.

It comes after a study last night suggested elderly Brits given AstraZeneca’s vaccine are less likely to have Covid antibodies than those who had Pfizer’s. Rigorous trials also showed the British-made jab was slightly weaker.

Coronavirus cases were rising rapidly throughout June, with the easing of restrictions blamed for sparking a third wave — although some scientists believe Euro 2020 led to a surge in infections.

Infections in Scotland have halved in the past fortnight, according to estimates by the King’s app. The fall, which coincided with the national team being knocked out of the major football tournament early, has fuelled hope that England’s outbreak will eventually fall, too.

Professor Spector said they were seeing infections ‘plateau’ across the country but the rate of decline was slower than during the second wave. Earlier this week, he predicted they may have already peaked.

Despite the claims that cases have hit peaked, official figures show the UK is on the brink of breaching the 50,000 case mark, meaning infections are closing in on levels seen during the darkest days of the second wave.

Some 48,533 positive tests were registered today, up by 49.2 per cent on last week and the highest figure since January 14 (48,682). Deaths have risen by 80 per cent in a week, with today’s count (63) the most since 70 were posted on March 26.

However, scientists have raised concerns the Covid symptom study — which relies on daily reports from more than a million Britons — is no longer a ‘reliable enough guide’.

No other survey has yet to point to a downturn in cases for Britain as a whole, although official Department of Health statistics do back up the claims that Scotland’s outbreak is shrinking.

Britain yesterday recorded more than 42,000 cases for the first time since mid-January, when the second wave was beginning to die down. Ministers fear this could hit the 100,000 figure before August.

It came as Test and Trace figures published today found cases had surged by 43 per cent in the week to July 7, with 194,000 new infections recorded over the seven-day period.

These numbers speak for themselves, don’t you think?

Here’s the thing:

Democrats want to blame red states.

But inside the United States, the worst spread seems to be happening in blue states.

Take a look at California.

California is a very Democrat state.


They are reimposing mask mandates in LA County because of a massive outbreak:

Scientists in Israel are saying the same thing as scientists in the U.K.

Keep in mind that Israel has often been one or two steps ahead of Dr. Fauci.

Specifically, Israeli scientist Professor Barbash notes that HALF of the most serious COVID cases are among people FULLY vaccinated.

According to Israel National News:

The government has spent months assuring Israeli citizens of the efficacy of the Pfizer-BioNTech coronavirus vaccine that the majority of the population has already received, promising – based on seemingly convincing data – that although the vaccine does not prevent contagion, it does substantially reduce the likelihood of becoming seriously ill if a person contracts Covid-19.

On Wednesday, Professor Gabi Barbash, former director-general of the Health Ministry, contradicted this narrative, telling Channel 12 News that, “No one really knows how effective the vaccine is, not even for preventing serious illness.”

Barbash urged the government to take immediate steps to curtail the spread of the virus, “before it is too late.”

“We need to mandate face masks again,” he said, “not just in enclosed spaces but also outdoors.” He also stressed the importance of imposing stricter checks on arrivals at Ben Gurion International Airport, and suggested imposing severe penalties for those found to have forged vaccination or immunity certificates.

“We should also be requiring all those who have come into contact with confirmed cases to enter quarantine,” Barbash added, “even if they are fully vaccinated.” After all, he pointed out, half of those currently in serious condition in the country’s hospitals have received both vaccine doses.

The number of Israelis in serious condition is particularly important to monitor for a number of reasons, and fluctuations in that number form the basis for Health Ministry decisions on lockdown measures (i.e. not the number of cases in total).

On Wednesday, the Health Ministry released updated figures showing that there are now 46 seriously ill patients in the country’s hospitals. However, an investigation by the Yediot Aharonot newspaper cast doubt on the accuracy of the Ministry’s data. Checking the government’s figures against those provided by the hospitals themselves, Yediot Aharonot identified large discrepancies which led them to the conclusion that the total number of seriously ill patients currently stands at just 27 people.

In Barzilai Medical Center in Ashkelon, for instance, according to government statistics there is one person in serious condition. However, an inquiry posed to hospital officials revealed that although there is one patient hospitalized with coronavirus there, he is not in serious condition. In Hadassah Ein Kerem Medical Center, according to the government, there is one patient in serious condition; according to the hospital itself, there are none. In Sheba Medical Center in Tel Hashomer, the government claims there are three patients in serious condition; the hospital itself says there is just one.

Speaking to Channel 12 News on Wednesday, Prof. Nachman Ash, the government’s coronavirus czar, confirmed that the criteria for determining the level of illness have not been altered since last year.


Despite all these FACTS…

The Biden regime still wants to go door-to-door to pressure you into taking this vaccine.

Whatever happened to freedom of CHOICE?!

Or “my body, my choice”?

Turns out the Democrats really just want full and total control.

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