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VeggieTales Predicted the 2020 Presidential Election Shenanigans; Will They Be Right Again?


Cartoons have a funny way of “predicting” the future.

And it appears that VeggieTales predicted the alleged cheating that happened in the 2020 presidential election.

Could this be coincidence?


But it wouldn’t be the first time a cartoon has predicted the future.

Remember The Simpsons?

YEARS before the REAL Donald Trump came down the escalator to announce he was running for President, The Simpsons had an episode of the exact same thing!

What are the odds?

Trump could have announced his candidacy from ANYWHERE.

He has buildings all over the world!


He came down the escalator just like The Simpsons.

Watch below:


Some eagle-eyed Trump voters noticed something in VeggieTales.

There was a vote in VeggieTales…

But the sore loser kept “finding votes” in the closet!

In other words…

Votes kept popping out of unexplained places until the loser became the winner!

Doesn’t that sound familiar?

You can watch the clip on GAB.

You can also watch it on YouTube:

Or take a look at the social media posts below:

Turns out life can truly be stranger than fiction…

But here’s the good news.

At the END of the VeggieTales episode, the REAL winner was made known!

And the REAL winner was eventually crowned the victor.

If this is a prediction, we certainly hope it comes true!


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