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Ex-Pentagon Whistleblower: UFOs Are Real And Feds Say They Are “Satanic”


An ex-Pentagon whistleblower in an interview with the New York Post made a bombshell statement about UFOs.

Luis Elizondo a former intelligence officer of the Department of Defense said UFOs absolutely exist and the government doesn’t want you to know about them.

The reason why he believes UFOS exist is because while he was an intelligence officer, Elizondo said he had access to the Pentagon’s UFO data and also interviewed military eyewitnesses of UAP(Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) which all pointed to signs of UFOS being real.

Elizondo has now completely opened up about what he saw while working at the Pentagon and said pilots along with Navy crew members  have reported “near collisions” and strange encounters with a “sphere encasing a cube” too.

When Elizondo confronted his superiors about the evidence that was piling up a senior official asked him “Have you read your Bible lately?”.

The senior official then continued and said “‘Well, then you would know that these things are demonic and we should not be pursuing them”.

After so many years of trying to bury reports of UFO sightings the Pentagon is now releasing confidential information  regarding UFOs in June.

Even the mainstream media is now able to interview members of the Navy and talk about what they saw while on active duty.

The New York Post broke the story, check out what they reported:

UFOs exist — but the government doesn’t want you to know it, according to the ex-Pentagon official who says he ran the program investigating “unidentified aerial phenomena” or UAP.

Recalling the revelatory instant when he recognized that UFOs were bona fide, controversial whistleblower Luis “Lue” Elizondo exclusively told The Post, “It was a holy-s–t moment: ‘Oh, my gosh, it’s real. Well, crap, now we have to do something about it.’ ”

However, Elizondo has not been able to get the feds to act on what he describes as a serious national security risk due to a litany of roadblocks — including a cover-up of the existence of UFOs because of religious objections, concerns over tarnishing its own reputation and fears of inciting public panic.

In fact, Elizondo claimed one senior official “told him to ‘Stop’” investigating UFOs — and asked Elizondo if he had “read your Bible lately?”

Elizondo asked where his boss was going with the non sequitur before acknowledging familiarity with the Good Book. As per Elizondo, he was then told, “‘Well, then you would know that these things are demonic and we should not be pursuing them.’ He wasn’t kidding. That’s exactly how he felt.”

With a bombshell government report on UFOs set to be released before the end of June, Elizondo — who says he came into the Pentagon’s Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program in 2008, and headed it from 2010 until 2017 — has revealed the shocking things he alleges to have learned, and the chilling reason why some in the Pentagon don’t want this information made public.

For years the US government were hush hush about UFOs but now all of the sudden they are being reported in the mainstream media.

In 2020 the Department of Defense even created the UAPTF (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force).

So is the all leading up to a false flag event in the near future regarding UFOs?

I guess we’ll find out in the near future but it seems almost bizarre that our government has gone on recording saying UFOS exist but people aren’t even batting an eye.

If you would like to watch the full video of the ex-Pentagon whistleblower check it out here:


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