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Israel: White House Claims “Quiet Diplomacy” Is Not Working Because It’s “Only Been Seven Days”


It’s hard to believe that it was only a few months ago when lasting peace in the Middle East was an actual possibility.

With the unwavering support of the US government under the leadership of President Trump, the moving of the capital of Israel to its rightful place in Jerusalem, and the historic signing of the Abraham accords, things seemed to be moving in the right direction.

Then … Biden.

Let’s be honest, evil can smell weakness and will use any chance to exploit it.

Cue the chaos in Israel and the resuming of attacks by Hamas.

The AP puts it this way:

The surge in Israeli-Palestinian violence has flummoxed the Biden administration in its first four months as it attempts to craft a Middle East policy it believes will be more durable and fairer than that of its predecessor.

Its early hesitation to wade more deeply into efforts to resolve the decades-long conflict has created a leadership vacuum that is exacerbated by political uncertainty in Israel and the Palestinian Authority, each of which is clamoring for outside support and unhappy with America’s new determination to toe a middle line.

Israelis and Palestinians alike have denounced the Biden administration’s call for all sides to step back following clashes between Israeli security forces and Palestinians in east Jerusalem that escalated into rocket attacks on Israel from the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip and retaliatory strikes from Israel’s military.

The AP may call it hesitancy but we all know what it really is.


The Harris/Biden platform cannot stand without the support of Hamas supporting lunatics like Ilhan Omar and the rest of the squad who are actually running the asylum. They pull the strings.

And the Biden administration dances.

According to Fox News:

Jen Psaki said during the press briefing Monday, noting that Hamas has fired “more than 3,000 rockets” into Israel amid the ongoing conflict.

Our focus, our goal, every single action we take, every statement we make, is with the objective of reducing violence and bringing an end to conflict on the ground,” Psaki said.

“The prism we are making all our decisions through is how we can help to bring an end to violence and de-escalate the situation on the ground, and our calculation, at this point, is having those conversations behind the scenes, weighing in with our important strategic partnership we have with Israel and other countries in the region is the most constructive approach we can take,” Psaki said.

She added: “Our approach is through quiet, intensive diplomacy and that is where we feel we can be most effective.”

In other words, we’ll say a whole lot of meaningless words but we won’t pick a side, make a choice or do anything that amounts to anything.

According to The National News:

In calls to his Saudi, Qatari and Egyptian counterparts on Sunday, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken had avoided using the term “ceasefire”, instead using softer language such as expressing hopes to “restore calm in Israel and the West Bank and Gaza”.

Blinken on Monday spoke with Israeli Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi, the US State Department said. The two discussed the path forward, with Blinken noting that the US would remain engaged with Israel, the Palestinian Authority, and other regional stakeholders to bring an end to the hostilities.

At the UN, Washington “has so far blocked days of efforts by China, Norway and Tunisia to get the Security Council to issue a statement, including a call for the cessation of hostilities,” The Associated Press reported.

The draft statement, circulated online, does not condemn Israeli air strikes or rocket fire from Hamas.

A lot of people didn’t like President Trump because he was a “talker” and a “mean Tweeter.”

He was also a doer.

His policies not only kept America safe, they kept the world safe.

With the fear-driven, feckless “leadership” we have now, other countries are starting to realize there is no one at the helm.

And the world becomes a much more dangerous place.


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