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CDC Director Admits 223 Vaccinated People Died ‘with’ Covid-19


The CDC just can’t seem to make up its mind.

Between the efficacy of masks and whether or not Americans should wear them, the CDC can’t give us a straight answer.

Now, the CDC decides to question its stance on whether or not vaccinated individuals die from Covid or with Covid.

Patriots have always questioned the narrative of whether individuals truly died from Covid or other unrelated causes.

CDC Director Rochelle Walensky said in a CNN interview that she is aware of 223 so-called “break-through” infections in vaccinated Americans. 

Walensky said many of those 223 individuals died due to ‘other’ causes.

It appears Walensky admits that the Covid death count isn’t a real count of Covid deaths

Fox News even covered some of the comments about Walensky’s statements:

But critics pounced on Walensky’s reasoning. 

“After all this time, we are going to start distinguishing died ‘with’ Covid from died ‘from’ Covid,” one Twitter user wrote. “How anyone lives with the dishonest reporting of numbers is beyond me. Either we treat all the deaths with the same questioning or none of them, Period.” 

Another user wrote: ‘So she literally just admitted that the covid death count isn’t a real count of covid deaths. The response to this pandemic gets more baffling by the day.”

Others suggested that all COVID-19 deaths should be re-examined to determine whether the person died “from” the virus or “with” it. 

“Sounds like 500k cases need to be reviewed to more accurately distinguish ‘with’ and ‘from’,” one user said. “Hmm, thought I heard this same sentiment expressed in the past.”

Why is the CDC all of a sudden distinguishing between dying with Covid and dying from Covid?

Twitter pointed out the hypocrisy of the CDC now labeling the deaths as something other than Covid:

The Epoch Times had more on the story:

Of the people who died after being fully vaccinated, 42 were asymptomatic or not related to COVID-19, according to the CDC. Additionally, 342 of the hospitalizations were asymptomatic or not related to COVID-19.

“Many, many hospitals are screening people for COVID when they come in, so not all of those 223 cases who had COVID actually died of COVID. They may have had mild disease, but died, for example, of a heart attack,” CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky said on CNN’s “State of the Union” on May 16.

Under the usual counting program, people who haven’t been vaccinated but who die of heart attacks or other causes while testing positive for the CCP virus are typically listed as a COVID-19 death.


The death rate among the fully vaccinated is “extraordinarily low” when taking into consideration the death rate of COVID-19 itself, Walensky said.

Some 115 million people had been fully vaccinated as of May 10.

The CDC had been sharing the number of so-called breakthrough COVID-19 cases, but is no longer. The agency had said that 9,245 people as of April 16 tested positive for the disease at least two weeks after getting their final shot. The numbers were again from 46 U.S. states and territories and said to be a likely undercount.

Why did the CDC suddenly decide to stop sharing breakthrough Covid cases? 

Americans deserve honest and truthful answers to some very serious questions. 

You can watch Walensky’s response on CNN for yourself, we’ve got a clip from Youtube below- skip to 9:50:


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