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Unvaccinated Soldiers Considered Non-Deployable & Can’t Take Leave to Visit Family


Soldiers at Fort Campbell who refuse the experimental COVID-19 vaccine may be forbidden to take leave this summer.

At a livestreamed town hall event, Maj. Gen. JP McGee commented that all options are on the table for restrictions on unvaccinated soldiers.

But he emphasized for them not to expect “business as usual” when making their plans to take leave.

Yet, vaccinated soldiers can travel freely to visit family & friends.

McGee also stated it was each soldier’s right not to receive the experimental COVID-19 vaccines.

However, that’s clearly not the case.

This an attempt of coercion and blackmail to pressure soldiers into taking an experimental vaccination for a virus many of them have a 99.8+ percent survival rate.

If you’re threatening to restrict soldiers from free travel and saying they’re non-deployable without the jab, then it’s not really voluntary.

The COVID-19 is an experimental jab that has only received emergency use authorization from the FDA.

But it appears this commanding officer has zero qualms treating his young soldiers like guinea pigs.

If this treatment continues, how will it affect military recruitment in the near future?

Surely, very few people will want the choice of seeing their loved ones or treated like a medical experiment.

Here’s more:

From 100PercentFedUp

The threats begin…A twisted way to get our troops to get the covid vaccine is a morale buster because it punishes anyone who doesn’t get the covid vaccine. Freedom to refuse the vaccine is limited if the troops feel threatened with punishment, like not seeing their loved ones.

Fort Campbell’s commander is warning unvaccinated troops they will not be able to travel freely over the summer and will be considered non-deployable until they get the covid vaccine. Even though getting the vaccine is optional because it has emergency approval from the FDA, troops will be penalized if they aren’t vaccinated. Even though most soldiers had reported they would be vaccinated, fewer and fewer soldiers are getting the covid vaccine.

Maj. Gen. JP McGee recently held a virtual town hall  where he said:

“It would be irresponsible of me to allow soldiers to travel unvaccinated throughout the United States and bring that back and have an impact on our soldiers, their families and our overall operational readiness. I’m sure that’s not gonna be a popular decision for some, and that’s quite alright.”

“If you are an unvaccinated soldier, you should not consider it business as usual as you start making plans with your family. You will have to overcome a certain level to take leave.”

McGee said he knows the decision will be “unpopular” and said the decision has not been finalized.

Vaccinated will be able to travel as usual…

And from Clarksville Now:

McGee said he and his staff are considering a range of options, including limited range of travel and increased reporting requirements for soldiers; however, no final decisions have been made as to restrictions.

Soldiers who are fully vaccinated should expect more freedom of travel, according to McGee’s update.

“If you are a vaccinated soldier and you’ve received 2 vaccines, you’re at incredibly low risk of contracting the virus and bringing it back. You pose minimal to no risk. For them, they’ll be able take leave unhindered and with no additional requirements. For those soldiers that choose, as is their right, to not take the vaccine, we will prudently apply measures of how we will make sure you are able to travel safely,” McGee said.

A person is considered fully vaccinated two weeks after having received two doses of either the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines, according to the Major General’s update.


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