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Pro-Vax Doctor Explains Why There Is NO Compelling Case To Give Kids The COVID Vax!


Trust the science?

Ok, I can do that as long as we’re not talking about the ever-changing propaganda….errrrrr, I mean “science” from the CDC.

I can trust the science if it’s actual real science, and delivered from people like this doctor who actually look at the data and present real details.

This guy is actually really good.

He goes be @zdoggmd on Instagram and he’s a doctor who breaks down “the science” in clear, easy to understand concepts that we can all understand.

He has 444,000 followers:

The best part is he does his analysis without bias.

And that’s what I loved so much about this video.

He starts off by saying he is pro-vaccine in general and pro-COVID vaccine.  For adults.

So this isn’t someone who is so-called “anti-vax”.

This is a doctor who generally supports the COVID vaccine.

But what does he think about vaxxing up our children?

Not in favor.

And I think a LOT of people need to hear this.

He takes about 10 minutes to break it down in detail, explaining why the risk/reward benefit is just not there for children.

A couple of my favorite lines:

“The transmission risk in kids is infinitesimal.”

“If your argument is that we need to vax the kids because we need to get them back to normal, that is no benefit at all because we never should have taken normal away from them in the first place!”

So good!

Finally someone speaking with some wisdom and common sense!

Here is the link to his Instagram video:

A couple of the comments:

If it’s easier for you, I also have the Rumble version here:


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