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Biden Has Short Temper, Often Scolds Staff With Profanity According to Report


We’ve proven with nearly every article published on this website that Joe Biden is not mentally fit for leadership.

Even before his administration came to power, Biden has had a long history of getting angry during interviews, and has even snapped at voters before.

It comes as no surprise to anyone here that the man may have a temper problem.

New leaks from the Biden Administration now reveal some serious cracks in the mainstream media’s perception of Biden.

Allegedly Biden is very bad with decision-making, often deliberating for far to long on what calls to make.

Worse than that, the new report claims that Biden often goes on profanity-laced tirades against his own staff members.

There is a certain level of irony behind this, as Joe Biden said from day one that he would have a zero tolerance policy for such behavior from his own staff.

Our friends at Breitbart have more on Biden's short fuse:

President Joe Biden has a short temper and sometimes unloads outbursts of profanity on his aides, the New York Times reported Friday.

The report notes Biden holds lengthy deliberation meetings and demands obsessive details from his advisors. When advisors get too technical or obscure about an issue, Biden responds with “an outburst of frustration, often laced with profanity.”

“On policy issues, Mr. Biden, 78, takes days or weeks to make up his mind as he examines and second-guesses himself and others,” the Times report continues.

The report also reveals Biden will hang up the phone on people who he feels are wasting his time.

Daily Wire with more on Biden's outbursts:

The report about Biden’s explosive outbursts was featured in The New York Times, which described Biden as someone who struggles to make decisive decisions and who often second guesses himself.

The report comes after Biden promised on his first day in office to fire anyone who was being disrespectful inside the workplace. “I’m not joking when I say this: If you’re ever working with me and I hear you treat another with disrespect, talk down to someone, I promise you I will fire you on the spot,” Biden said. “On the spot. No if, ands, or buts.”

Biden said at the time that his remarks were “not hyperbole” and that the only things he expects with “absolute certitude is honesty and decency.”

The Times’ report said that Biden demands lots of detail when making decisions, but that he becomes frustrated by it and he lashes out at aides in outbursts “often laced with profanity.”

“Let’s talk plain English here, he will often snap,” the report said, adding that Biden is “quick to cut off conversations” and that he “even occasionally hangs up the phone on someone who he thinks is wasting his time.”

Biden already has a documented history of snapping at voters, so it's not far fetched to believe he does the same to his own staffers.

Here are some of Biden's worst moments caught on video:

Biden's behavior is leading some to question his mental capacity even more.

If he can't hold himself together after four months, the country is in alot of trouble.


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