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TRIGGERED: Eric Swalwell Yells at House Staffer Over Mask Wearing, Then Plays Victim Citing Bullying


I’m sure you’ve noticed anytime the Left gets caught in bad behavior, they blame the Right or play the victim card.

Remember Eric Swalwell? The guy on an intelligence committee who allegedly slept with a CCP spy?

This guy is too compromised to be in any position of power, let alone Congress.

But since he is, he decided to use a few pages from the Democrat’s playbook yesterday.

A heated exchange occurred in the House when one of Marjorie Taylor Greene’s (MTG) aides told Eric Swalwell, an extreme leftist, he no longer needed a mask according to Biden.

Overreacting and cursing, Swalwell must have been triggered, as he ripped into Nick Dyer, MTG’s aide:

Swalwell clearly has no remorse for his behavior. 

In fact, we have a video of Swalwell’s response to his behavior where he BLAMES Marjorie Taylor Greene and her aide.

In the video, Swalwell calls everyone in the MTG crowd ‘marauding goons.’ 

He also says he’s had enough of ‘this’ crowd. 

So he’s had enough of truth-seekers and defenders of liberty and freedom?

I thought he was from the party of unity and love for all?

Swalwell then claims he was bullied, so he had a ‘few choice words.’ 

Watch Swalwell defend his behavior below in a clip from MSNBC:


Leftists know how to play the victim card and point the finger so well. It makes you wonder who trained Swalwell?

The Mainstream media are standing by Swalwell, it seems.

While covering this story, NBC quotes how Biden said to be kind to those still wearing a mask:

Thursday’s announcement by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that masks are no longer needed in most settings for people who are fully vaccinated is likely to fuel disputes about face coverings, as people who remain apprehensive will most likely continue to wear them in public. In announcing the new policy on Thursday, President Joe Biden asked the American public to be kind toward those who opt to continue wearing a mask.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., sent a letter to members on Friday reminding them that the mask rules remained in place until “all Members and Floor staff are fully vaccinated.”

So a guy who supposedly trusts the science doesn’t want to trust the science that you can remove your mask? 


The lamestream media and the Left are constantly on the defense- they can yell at and slander the Right, but once we speak the truth, we’re the marauding goons?

Again on display is another blatant double standard/leftist hypocrisy exposed.


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