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Google Sparks Fear of Planned False Flag Attack with “Crazy Times Carnival Incident” Suggestion


It’s no secret that Maricopa is the frontline of the battle to get to the truth of what happened in the 2020 presidential election.

The forensic audit in Maricopa is the first of its kind and is expected to finish successfully on schedule.

But suddenly strange things started happening.

First, it was announced that the Crazy Times Carnival would come to town.

Then it was revealed that this carnival would be taking place right next to the Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Phoenix.

That’s where the audit is taking place.

This immediately sparked fears of a false flag attack that would disrupt the audit.

Why would a carnival suddenly come into town?

And of all the places to host it, why would they place it right next to the audit?

Keep in mind that we’re in the middle of what is supposedly the “worst” pandemic of all time, so a sudden pop-up carnival right next to the audit is especially suspicious.


Things just got worse.

Google is now promoting a search term in its drop down menu.

The term?

Crazy Times Carnival incident

Now… let us be very clear: nothing has happened (yet) at the Crazy Times Carnival.

There has been no attack or mass shooting or anything tragic like that.

So why is Google suddenly promoting this search term?

See a screenshot below for yourself!

Here’s the thing: no one has been using that search phrase.

And most people don’t even know about the audit or the carnival, so there aren’t enough people to be organically searching that phrase.

So why is Google promoting that phrase?

Do they know something that we don’t?

We’re not making any accusations.

It’s an honest question and the optics of it look very sketchy.

Many social media users are picking up on this strange search suggestion:

As if the threat of a false flag event isn’t worrisome enough, the media is now working overtime to bash the Arizona audit.

Of course, we shouldn’t be surprised that the media is working to protect Democrats.

Here is how Vice appears to be bashing the election integrity effort as well as the fears over the carnival:

Things are getting even stranger down in Maricopa County, where an audit of Arizona’s 2020 election results is underway.

The “Stop the Steal”-linked firm Cyber Ninjas, which has been hired by the Arizona GOP-led Senate to conduct the audit, is using UV lights among other technology to detect any possible election fraud. (They haven’t found any yet, and it’s been a week.) On Thursday, the group accidentally published its top-secret security brief that raised concerns about a firebombing attack from “Antifa.” The document has since been taken down.

Meanwhile, the “Crazy Times Carnival” is kicking off Friday at the Arizona State Fairgrounds in Phoenix, incidentally the same approximate location where the audit is taking place. The carnival, which will offer such rides as “Puppy Roll,” “Alien Abduction,” and “Circus Train,” is being eyed with growing suspicion from the audit’s most ardent supporters, who fear it could be a Trojan horse for an “antifa” incursion.

Given these “vulnerabilities,” the Arizona Senate and Cyber Ninjas agreed that the audit should receive additional security from the National Guard and the Department of Public Safety. Arizona’s governor denied their request.

Sidney Powell, the ex-Trump lawyer and Stop the Steal proponent who has dabbled in QAnon circles, forwarded a post to her nearly 500,000 followers on Telegram urging them to bombard the Arizona State Fair with phone calls and force them to shut down the carnival.

“We already saw Craigslist ads recruiting ‘protesters’ earlier this week,” the post warned. “Don’t underestimate the lengths they’re willing to go to stop this audit.”

“Carnival’s in town?” someone replied. “I bet their [sic] democratic Antifa BLM activists in disguise.”

The original poster had also attached screenshots from an old Craigslist “ad” seeking “actors” to pose as anti-Trump protesters for an event at the Phoenix Convention Center, located about three miles from the Veterans Memorial Coliseum where the carnival and audit are taking place.

Wild conspiracy theories about Crazy Times Carnival have also been swirling on 4Chan all week, hyping the possibility of a “false flag” mass shooting or bombing at the carnival, which would take place with the goal of disrupting the audit. One person found it suspicious that the Carnival event was hosted by WordPress.

The Crazy Times Carnival also comes up in the Cyber Ninjas security plan, which identifies five security vulnerabilities, including a “public event” in the southwest corner of the grounds of the Veterans Memorial Coliseum, by a six-way intersection.

One particularly grim scenario envisioned by Cyber Ninjas involves “Antifa” firebombing a nearby chemical and tank storage farm and then blocking traffic in the six-lane intersection near the carnival and preventing police and fire trucks from responding to the scene.

“Such a condition would compound distractions, causing a significant safety concern to the small carnival operating in the South-West of the Fairground Campus, and allowing near unmitigated access and entry/breach to hostile actors,” according to the report. They also raised concerns that militias could swing by the audit and be a disruptive presence.

Of course, we wish nothing for safety for the folks at the audit.

We need the truth and nothing but the truth to be revealed.

If you are in Arizona and happen to see any questionable activity, be sure to contact the appropriate local authorities.

With something this critical to the integrity of our elections: if you see something, say something!


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