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Joe Biden Sides With School Unions Instead of Science On School Reopening


Oops, As expected, the Biden administration flip flops again.

After promising way back in February to reopen schools by the fall, Anita Dunn, a senior adviser to Biden, told CNN during an interview on Sunday that Biden has not committed to reopening schools this fall because the pandemic is “unpredictable.”

Not to say I was surprised, but how did we get here?

And what has happened to our first amendment rights.

We might have some answers to that.

Newly-released documents suggest that one of the country’s most powerful teachers’ unions shaped Biden administration policies on the reopening of schools, despite Biden’s pledge to “follow the science” on pandemic policy.

We’re now sadly at the mercy of school unions because of a weak president.

The Daily Wire reported:

Anita Dunn, senior adviser to President Joe Biden, told CNN during an interview on Sunday that Biden has not committed to reopening schools this fall because the pandemic is “unpredictable.”

“President Biden said in an interview that schools should probably all be open in the fall. Can you clarify?” CNN host Jake Tapper asked. “Is it the Biden administration’s position that all K-12 schools should be back full-time, in-person learning start of next school year? And is the Biden White House willing to push back on any teachers unions or others who stake out any position to the contrary not backed up by science?”

“Now, he said probably. He didn’t say absolutely,” Dunn responded. “But, given the science, if the vaccination program in this country proceeds, if people do go get their vaccines, there — he does believe that schools should be able to reopen in September, and reopen safely, following the CDC guidelines. But he said probably. He said — did not say absolutely, because we have all seen this since, unfortunately, January of 2020. It’s an unpredictable virus.”

You can watch her flip flop here:

No way this happens under the leadership of President Trump.

No way would he lets the Unions lobby against our first amendment rights. No way would President Trump put the selfish interests of the Union above the welfare of our children!
Unfortunately, here we are.

Breitbart had more to report:

The documents, obtained by the conservative group Americans for Public Trust through a Freedom of Information Act request, were reported Saturday by the New York Post. They show the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) lobbying the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) — and succeeding in having some of their recommendations adopted.

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The teachers’ unions had long opposed a rapid reopening of schools, even when science said there was no significant risk. The Los Angeles teachers’ union also claimed that a statewide school reopening plan would reinforce “structural racism

Biden campaigned against President Donald Trump by claiming that he would follow the science on the coronavirus, pandemic, implying that the Trump administration had not.

When he announced the administration’s policy on school re-openings February 12, Biden said he would “follow the science” and claimed that the CDC “has provided the best available scientific evidence on how to reopen schools safely.” Walensky also claimed that there had been no political interference.

Even Disneyland is reopening, but the weak and ineptitude Biden is letting the Unions toy with our children’s future by continuously keeping them away from school. The Chinese were indeed right when they called Biden a weak president;



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