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Kamala Harris is the New Leader of Space Force


Kamala Harris is the new face of Space Force

You read that right. According to a report from ABC News, Kamala Harris will be the new face of America in outer space.

Vice President Kamala Harris is adding another priority to her portfolio: The National Space Council. Senior White House officials confirmed Saturday the Biden administration would maintain the National Space Council that was revived under the Trump administration — and that Harris would serve as chair.

After so much success dealing with the southern border crisis, the White House has decided Kamala Harris needs a greater challenge. Space.

As you can expect, the left is extremely happy about her new position as the head of the National Space Council.

Do you remember when Trump talked about getting back into space? It was met with jeers, mockery, and late-night jokes. Jimmy Kimmel spent an entire segment making fun of the president saying he was planning to fight “space pirates”. Here’s a snippet of it:

After Obama defunded NASA, people accused Trump, the patron saint of artificial tanning of taking money out of the mouths of children and their hard-working parents to go play space cadet in the stars.

Like most things, President Trump has been at the forefront of things that the left don’t even have on their radar. Since early 2017 and then even as late as the November elections, the president was declaring it as one of the most important issues facing America.

They mocked him for it. This comment from Jimmy Kimmel in October of last year is especially telling.

Well, this is awkward. I wonder what Jimmy will have to say about Kamala Harris taking over Space Force?

Harris is planning a particular focus on several areas, including sustainable development of commercial space activity, peaceful borders and responsible behaviors in space, as well as climate change and enhancing cybersecurity in space systems, the officials said. She will also focus on STEM education and diversity in the workforce.

Yes, that is not a typo. Kamala Harris is tasked with border security. In space.

The woman who has yet to visit the southern border, on earth is now in charge of border policy for the stars. Biden clearly knows how to spot talent when he sees it.

Some may assume that the Biden administration is doing something different than President Trump did. They would be right to believe that, given what staffers at the White House are saying.

“I think her approach to this is just going to be to get the job done, and use this to lead our space policy, and not really focus, perhaps as much on big displays,” one official said when asked how Harris’ approach would differ from that of her predecessor, former Vice President Mike Pence.

However, the ABC article paints a very different picture.

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So far, the Biden administration has largely kept Trump administration space policy in place, continuing support for the Space Force created under Trump and NASA’s Artemis program, aimed at returning astronauts to the moon and developing a sustained presence there as preparation for the next frontier in human space travel: Mars.

So, Biden has essentially changed nothing about the space program, simply taken credit for it.

It might feel like an alternate reality given that just a few months ago, no one on the left believed space was important. However, seemingly out of nowhere, it is one of the single greatest priorities facing the American people. Comical how that seems to keep happening.

While it is humorous, it does paint a clearer picture of how forward-thinking and strong the leadership of President Trump was these last few years. It also serves as a sobering prophecy of what we can expect from a Biden administration moving forward.

Now the only question is, will Kamala Harris make it to space before she ever visits the southern border?



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