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Jeremiah Johnson Gives Confused “I Was Wrong” Apology About Trump Prophecy


Yup, we’re going there.

Buckle up, because this is about to get rocky!

Ok so I saw this posted to YouTube a few days ago and had tried to ignore it.

But people kept emailing me about it and so I finally gave in and took a look.

Let’s back up for a minute and give you the history on this story for those who don’t know….

Jeremiah Johnson was a relatively unknown, obscure small town pastor in 2015 when according to him God gave him a prophecy that Donald Trump would become President.

He sent that prophecy to Charisma magazine who published it and immediately it became incredibly popular.

I first heard of him in 2019 or 2020, and right before the 2020 election he said he heard from God again that Trump would win a second term.

I have no problem with that.

In fact, I have gained a ton of respect for people like Mark Taylor, Hank Kunneman, Kat Kerr and so many others who all said the same thing.

But then…..then came his apology tour.

Just like that embarrassing apology video posted by Kris Vallotton that looked more like a hostage video, this one was similarly hard to watch.

Johnson became one of the first prophetic voices to capitulate and issue a big apology on January 7 claiming he was wrong.

He issued another apology on January 20.

Ramona Singer thinks this guy is an apology machine!

Here’s my take….

I’m never going to criticize someone for doing what they think is right, especially when it’s humbling yourself.

That is absolutely admirable.

My problem is that he seems very confused to me.

Even just watching this video it flips and flops between “I was right” then “I was wrong” and sometimes “I was wrong but I was still kinda right.”

Pick a lane.

Personally, I have more respect for Taylor, Kunneman, Kerr and all the others who are STILL standing firm on what God told them!

How many prophecies in the Bible are still yet to be fulfilled?

Does that mean they were wrong?

How long did Noah spend building the ark?

Do you know?

According to the Bible it took over 120 years!

This Johnson fella couldn’t even last from November to January before caving.

How do you think Noah felt when everyone was mocking and ridiculing him in year 1?

How about year 10?

Year 50?

Noah sure looked like he missed it I bet!

The Bible tells us everyone was mocking him, ridiculing him.

What about Moses?

Did Moses look like a really bad leader when he led the Israelites to a dead end at the Red Sea?

We know the Israelites were all grumbling and shouting for Moses to be “impeached” as leader.

But when do you STAND STRONG on what God has told you?

I’ll answer that.

You stand firm when you KNOW it’s what you heard.

You stand firm when doing anything else would jeopardize your conscience, even in the face of looking FOOLISH to the world.

So I’m not going to be one of the people to attack Johnson.

The poor man seems very confused to me.

I’m simply going to say I personally am still standing firm with the prophetic voices like Taylor, Kunneman, Kerr and all the others…and they have my respect.

It’s year 50 without rain, but we’re going to give up and apologize just because the WORLD wants us to.

That’s my take.

I’ve copied some comments below in response to the videos.

I’d love to hear your comments as well.

Oh, and just one more comment before turning you over to the apology video.

Perhaps….if this is all about integrity and coming clean and all that stuff, perhaps the first link under the video should not be a donation link for people to send you money….just sayin’:

You can watch Johnson’s “I Was Wrong” video safely on Rumble:

Comments from Rumble:

Backup here on YouTube:

Comments from YouScared:

In contrast, I also just watched this prophetic video from Robin Bullock and the contrast is striking!

Can you feel in your spirit which person’s words are spoken with true authority?

Which carry WEIGHT?

I can.

Leave your comments below!

What do YOU say?

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