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Kat Kerr and Jeff Jansen: Start Celebrating NOW, The MSM Will Be Forced To Declare Trump’s Second Term Soon!


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Brand new tonight, Kat Kerr and Jeff Jansen both went on Elijah Streams and both had the same message.

Kat says God has already declared Trump the winner, and that the victory has already been issued in Heaven.

She says he told her just today to stop praying for Justice and to just start celebrating and continue celebrating until she sees it happen.

She also says she’s been shown a time in the future where MSM news anchors will be forced to go on air and declare President Trump the rightful winner and announce to the people he will be serving a second term.

I can’t wait for that to happen, how about you?

I really thought this was so good and wanted you to watch.

There is also an update in here from Hank Kunneman and Dutch Sheets.



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