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Hank Kunneman: Preachers Quit Your Apology Speeches, Don’t Insult the LORD! Fight! Trump Wins!


Yes, this is the third article I’ve written today covering something Hank Kunneman has said.

I hope you are enjoying them.

I thought this was exceptionally powerful.

In this video, Hank talks about all of the prophets who said Trump would win a second term.

Did they all miss it?

Were they all wrong?

Or did they in fact hear correctly from God and evil is trying to STEAL this election?

Hank says very clearly that now is NOT the time to cower back….

It is NOT the time to apologize and give up….

It’s the time to stand firm, rock solid on what everyone hear the LORD say.

Trump will won.

Trump did win.

And now is the time to stand firm claiming our territory not to agree with the steal and “apologize”.

So who is Hank talking about with their apologies?

I don’t know for sure but I immediately thought of this really awkward and pansy-looking apology from Kris Valloton.

This is horrible, it looks like a hostage video.

Everything about this is wrong.


Apparently, Valloton posted TWO apology videos and then deleted both of them.

Watch this:

In case he deletes them again, I saved them to Rumble.


Now, take that weak, pathetic apology video from Kris Valloton and compare it to someone speaking with HOLY BOLDNESS.

The key part of this is at about the 4:00 minute mark, but I highly recommend you watch the whole thing.

This is what confidence in the LORD looks like.

By the way, do you know the root of the word confidence?

Con + fide in the latin.

Con = with

Fide = faith.

Confidence comes from those who have faith!

Holy conviction!

Holy boldness.

This is the guy who I choose to listen to, not mealy-mothed Valloton.



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