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Trump Legal Team Plays Devastating Video of Democrats “Inciting” Violence, Challenging Election Results



That’s got to hurt!

In good ole fashioned Trumpian-style, Trump’s lawyers hit back (and hit back hard!) against the Democrats’ second sham impeachment attempt.

Today, they played a DEVASTATING video of Democrats “inciting” violence.

If we are holding one public servant to that standard, shouldn’t they all be held to that standard?

This includes the very Democrats trying to impeach Trump!

But that’s not all…

The Trump defense team also showed video of Democrats CHALLENGING election results.

That’s right: it’s been normal for Democrats for years.

And Trump’s lawyers brought the receipts.

Take a look at this video montage played during the impeachment trial:


But that’s not all…

Here are the Democrats who OBJECTED to election results:


And as thought that wasn’t bad enough, there were Democrats calling for Trump’s impeachment… AT ALL COSTS!

Take a look:

In just 3 short videos, the Trump defense team showed how the Democrats are not only being hypocritical, but how they are on the record trying to destroy Trump no matter what.

Compare this to the Democrats.

They had to play a 16 minute — HIGHLY EDITED — video of the capital “insurrection.”

Zero Hedge has more details, including that Trump’s legal team has used up 3 of their allotted 16 hours:

Trump’s legal team wrapped up their case in just over three of the allotted 16 hours.

The next phase will consist of up to four hours of questions from senators to both the House managers and Trump’s legal team – though several senators have said they don’t think it will take that long.

“Our country needs to get back to work. I know that you know that. But instead we are here. The majority party promised to unify and deliver more Covid relief. But instead, they did this,” said Trump attorney Bruce Castor in closing remarks.

Castor called Trump “the most pro-police, anti-mob president’ in US history – suggesting that Democratic lawmakers turned a blind eye to BLM protests. He also said that the attack on the Capitol was in no way an “insurrection.”

“Insurrection is a term of art. It’s defined in the law,” argued Castor. “It involves taking over a country, a shadow government, taking the TV stations over and having some plan on what you’re going to do when you finally take power. Clearly this is not that.”

After spending much of the morning laying out their case for why the impeachment is a sham, former President Trump’s legal team proceeded to play several montages of Democrats doing the exact same thing they’ve impeached Trump over – namely, calling for violence against Republicans. Interspersed throughout are clips of leftists committing violence against conservatives following the ‘incitement.

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The videos speak for themselves, don’t you think?

Let us know in the comments which of the 3 videos is your favorite!

We’re interested to see what you think about this brutal comeback by Trump’s legal team…

Because we know how the mainstream media will skew it!


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