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Cheater “Sid Lucious” Responds, Threatens WeLoveTrump



The Cheater identifies himself as “Aleve” (see below) and now “Sid Lucious”.

Take a look:

Obviously fake names, but how interesting to choose “Sid Lucious”.

Lucious = Lucifer = Satan

Satan’s job description:  “Steal, kill and destroy” (John 10:10).

Looks like you chose a good fake name to honor your father the devil.


Hey Sid Lucious, now you’re blocked!


The Cheater has answered!

Or at least one cheater has answered.

I’m sure there are a bunch of them all working together in some sweatshop in China.

Take a look at their message below, you can see they REALLY do not like the fact I’m calling them out!

Yeah, I’ve found that is usually the case in life.

The bully doesn’t like when you punch THEM in the mouth.

The cheater doesn’t like when you shine light on THEIR cheating.

Funny how that works.

Look at this whiney baby complaining about how we are exposing their fraud:

Ummmmm….is any of that English?

It’s hilarious how they claim they’ve “fixed” the problem.


Cheaters are also liars?

You don’t say.

We’ve now discovered two NEW sites that are EXACT clones of WeLoveTrump.

This is their business model.

They find people doing real work, putting out a real fantastic product….and they steal it.

Clone it 100%.

How shameful.

The first new infringing site is

The second is

Good names cheaters, they look very reputable.

I especially like News spelled with a “z”.

Looks very respectable.

And I have no doubt that there are probably dozens more I haven’t discovered….yet.

But I will.

Heck, they even admit it in their messages, claiming they can send me a minimum 10 sites all stealing my articles.

Yeah, I bet you can Cheaters!

You own them all!

Wow, these people are not bright.

MEMO TO THE CHEATERS: Learn how to do real work.  Learn how to actually research a story.  Learn how to write an article that doesn’t sound like a 3rd grade Chinese student tried to write it in broken English.  In other words, learn how to do actual work and have a little respect for yourself.  Oh, and don’t spend your money before you get it, I have a feeling all Ad Networks are about to blacklist you!  Cheers!


A huge THANK YOU to everyone who read my Call For Help last evening and sprung into action!

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, let me give you a little background….

There are two websites out there ran by Chinese Copyright infringers.

One called TheTrueReporter and one called TheTrueDefender.

Their entire business model is to take articles written by WeLoveTrump, TheGatewayPundit and others and copy them verbatim and post them as their own.

They copy the entire article, upload it to their site, and then try to profit from it.

And no, I’m not talking about SHARING links to my articles….

I’m talking about stealing my article headline, main image, and entire text of the article….verbatim and putting it up on their website as if they wrote it.

Pure theft.

So tacky.

So wrong.

Quite frankly…so illegal.

They’re likely running their operation from China and they don’t care.

But here’s what we can do!

We can get their Telegram Channels shut down.

We can also get them banned from all Ad Networks so they can’t profit off other people’s hard work.

Last night they made their Telegram Channels private because hundreds of you jumped in and started reporting their posts for Copyright violation!

They must have thought we’d give up and go away by the morning.

Cheaters aren’t very bright.

And they’re also lazy.

MEMO TO TheTrueDefender and TheTrueReporter:  We will NEVER give up.  We will NEVER go away.  You picked a fight with the wrong people.  I suggest you never, ever, even look at another article from WeLoveTrump.  If you do, we will not stop until you are completely stopped from stealing our content.  

Hey, let’s see if they copy this article! 😁

Go ahead losers, steal this article and post it on your site….you’re obviously not very smart, so you probably will do it!


But in all seriousness, I’m sick of it!

I’m sick of cheaters!

You too?

Here’s what you can do to help:



Hi everyone,

TheTrueDefender is stealing WeLoveTrump articles and publishing them as their own.

It’s called copyright violation.

I wonder if we could get everyone in here to please go to their page right here and report as many posts as you can for Copyright violation!

Thank you!!!!

They are doing the same thing to my friends at The Gateway Pundit.

Just go here and then right click or hold your finger on each post until a menu comes up.  Select “Report” and then choose “Copyright.”

Every single article they publish is stolen so it doesn’t matter which one you choose, they are all blatant Copyright violations.

Please report as many as you can!

Let’s get their page BANNED!

They are NOT American patriots.  Pretty sure they are Chinese.  💯

Thank you!


For those who’d like to see examples, here is just a SAMPLING of the theft…

Original WeLoveTrump article:


Stolen article, DMCA and Copyright violation:


You can see the article headline, main image, and entire text of the article is stolen verbatim.

This is a DMCA and Copyright violation.

Here’s another one.

Original WeLoveTrump article:


Stolen article, DMCA and Copyright violation:


The following articles from TheTrueReporter steal WeLoveTrump headlines and main article images which were uniquely created by WeLoveTrump.  The entire outline of the article is stolen with some paragraphs rewritten in gibberish to try and make them sound a little different.

Screenshots of every single violation have been saved as evidence in the event they try to later delete or revise the articles:

Thank you for your assistance in reviewing these Copyright violations and taking the appropriate action.

BOOKMARK IT: Check Out My New Site,!

And in case they later try to just delete the articles or alter them so they look different, I have memorialized the Copyright violation with a screenshot at the bottom of this article.

Here is just one screenshot to document the theft.

All others have been safely archived and saved as evidence.

MEMO TO TheTrueReporter and TheTrueDefender….you would be wise to give up now before things get much worse for you.  

Govern yourself according.


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