Red 1, Red 2, Red 3


Ok folks, buckle up for this one.

You might find some of this hard to believe, and that’s ok.

You don’t have to agree with all of it, but I think this man is about 95% right about what he is reporting here and you need to hear about it in advance so it doesn’t take you off guard.

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Do you know what the codes Red 1, Red 2 and Red 3 mean?

Do you remember what Q’s first post was?

I’ll connect some dots for you.

Red 1 = when President Trump is banned from Twitter.  And it’s coming REAL soon.

Red 2 = “Hillary arrested at airport”.  That’s coming soon after.  That’s also the first Q post.

Red 3 = watch below.

One tip, this man has a speech impediment and yet he’s still made a career out of making videos, pretty incredible.

But I find it’s best to watch on 2x speed.

Watch and enjoy:

Now before you say this stuff is crazy, realize these are current tweets being posted by very well known people JUST THIS EVENING:

So understand the world is changing fast.

And I want you to be informed about what comes next.

Last, Ben referenced Catherine Austin Fitts and her movie Planet Lockdown.

NATIONAL POLL: Would You Like To See "The Squad" Voted Out of Office?

Fitts is someone I hold great respect for and when you get done watching Ben’s movie and then watch hers, you’ll immediately see the overlap.

And your brain will connect all the dots.

Here you go:

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