North Carolina Says They Won’t Update Total Vote Count Until November 12th

The coup continues.


The coup continues as now North Carolina will apparently not count the rest of its votes until at least November 12th.

CNBC Politics tweeted the message Wednesday afternoon, saying the numbr will not change until all mail-in ballots are recieved and counted.

Since last night, States have been called immediately for Biden, even when he wasn’t winning.

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Meanwhile, all the networks refused to call even the most obvious red States for President Donald Trump until the last possible moment

Fox 8 has the scoop:

With the races for president and U.S. Senate still too close to call in North Carolina, state election officials said any changes to totals are unlikely until next week.

North Carolina State Board of Elections Director Karen Brinson Bell said election results will not change until Nov. 12 or 13 when all mail-in ballots are received and counted by each county.

There are 117,000 outstanding mail-in ballots, NCSBOE said.

Bell said the winners of the presidential and Senate races won’t be known until then.

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President Trump isn't backing down despite the obvious election fraud that has taken place in multiple States.

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