Trump Campaign Advisor: We’re Going To Win Arizona and We Expect To Win The Election By Friday!


I’ve said one phrase over and over today…..sit tight!

Hang in there!

This is NOT over yet, not by a long shot.

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We are barely in the first inning of this thing and there are a lot of twists and turns yet to come.

But that’s not just me talking.

Here is Tessa Berenson, the White House correspondent for Time Magazine, reporting this:


The Trump campaign has not remotely given up and neither should you!

They may even try to declare Joe Biden the winner in the Media, but don’t give up!

Here’s more from Jason Miller, Trump campaign advisor:

More details here on why the Trump campaign is confident in Arizona:

A LOT of people looking at the data say Arizona is still in play.

Fox News should be ashamed of itself for calling the state so early.

Fox News lost all credibility last night.

Here’s some real analysis:

And from the Trump Campaign official:

How will it all shake out?

It remains to be seen, but all I know is this is FAR from over.

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Keep fighting!

Keep praying!

Keep the faith!


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