Biden wants all votes counted. Maybe not Arizona, though


Biden took the stage Wednesday evening to say he was not declaring victory.

He then proceeded to say that he won.

He claims he wants every vote counted — Well, everywhere except Arizona, that is.

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Biden claims he already won the state; The Associated Press agreed, as did Fox News. They appear to be the only ones.

See for yourself:

The Lincoln Project, a liberal organization, is already starting to panic.

Doesn’t sound like an attitude you would have if you already won a state, huh?

Even some within the Fox network, don’t believe Arizona should have been called for Biden.

There are also some complaints about in-person ballots being thrown out. The Arizona state attorney general is looking into it, according to a tweet he put out:

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So, as Biden said: the voters will decide.

Buckle up folks, this isn’t over.

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