Watch: Joe Biden Gets Caught Reading Off A Teleprompter

Watch: Joe Biden Gets Caught Reading Off A Teleprompter

Biden has been caught reading off of a teleprompter once again!

In one of Biden’s most recent interviews, he is asked a question and pauses for a couple of seconds and says “move it up here” referring to the teleprompter that was running.

Biden is quite the opposite of Trump.

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Trump comes to an interview with no material and absolutely’s crushes it every time.

Meanwhile, Biden is reading off of teleprompters and even reading the parts that says “end of the quote.”


The New York Post noticed Biden’s use of teleprompters in interviews and speeches and had this to say:

If it wasn’t already obvious by the tracking of his eyes and the cadence of his speech, the Democratic presidential nominee confirms his addiction to scripts by regularly reading parts of his notes that he’s not supposed to say.

“End of quote,” he said in the middle of a talk attacking President Trump. “Look, Venezuela topline message is . . .” he said during an interview with NBC Miami. He even reads the headings of talking-point notes from his handlers.

Indeed, Biden seems unable to get through any interview without scripts: During countless TV spots, viewers can see him looking down at his notes while he answers questions — a mistake routinely avoided by politicians with a hundredth of Biden’s decades of experience. (The Trump campaign has collected a series of such footage.)

The Western Journal reported the recent blunder here is what they had to say:

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden appeared to be relying on a teleprompter in what was presented as a live Q&A event hosted by the AFL-CIO on Labor Day.

At one point partway through the event, a participant asked Biden what he would do to help more people join labor unions if he were elected president.

The camera cut to Biden, who was looking to the side and told his staff, “Move it up here.”

There was a long, awkward pause, and then he finally answered with pablum, apparently crafted for him ahead of time.

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Joe Biden is just a pawn by the radical left.

The left is so scared of Biden saying something politically incorrect they have him reading off of a teleprompter.

This is starting to get just sad.

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