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BLM’s Direct Connection To Witchcraft


God bless this wonderful Pastor for laying this all out.

And it's not just him saying it, nor is it "conspiracy theory".


Sadly not.

It is all direct audio recording of the one of the founders of BLM, so this is about as close to established fact as it gets.

I'm just going to Abraham Hamilton lay it out for you below….

This is one you don't want to miss.

Here you go:

Here's more, from Dean Arnold:

Black Lives Matter is heavily involved with witchcraft, according to a recent broadcast by American Countdown host and high-profile defense attorney Robert Barnes.

Barnes states that BLM cofounder Patrisse Cullors openly practices the occult religion “Ifa,” an African “system of divinization” according to Wikipedia, which defines divination as “an occultic, standardized process or ritual.” Wiki’s bio of Cullors states that she "developed an interest in the Nigerian religious tradition of Ifa, incorporating its rituals into political protest events.”

“Witchcraft” is the term Barnes gives to divinization and Ifa. “As we know it more popularly here, Voodoo,” he said.

Barnes has represented high-profile celebrities such as Wesley Snipes against the IRS, and also the red hat “Covington Boys,” made famous after being confronted by a drum-beating Native American.

Barnes believes the other two BLM cofounders may also be involved in witchcraft. In his June 8, 2020 broadcast The Witchcraft of the Riots Explained, Barnes said: "There has been discussion in some parts of the public media space that several [of the cofounders] have been deeply involved in this tradition.” Barnes refers to cofounders Opal Tometi, a daughter of Nigerian immigrants, and Alicia Garza, who describes herself, like Cullors, as “a queer social activist and Marxist,” and who has used the twitter handle “Love God Herself.”

"So you have the possibility of actual witches involved in running Black Lives Matter,” said Barnes. "That’s how insane the world has become.”

“Now you might have a guess as to why BLM does not have tight ties to the Black Protestant Church,” he noted, “when it’s cofounders are deeply involved with religious traditions that have connections to things like Voodoo.”

The hashtag #WitchesForBLM has gained 10 million views, according to Mashable, which says "practicing witches are teaching each other how to cast simple spells, draw sigils, and manifest intentions.”

"The witches do not hide their involvement in the violent protests,” reports LifeSiteNews. “… witches’ covens are actively engaged in hexing police, whom they accuse of brutality. They especially target those who are risking their lives to stop the riots. The witches also cast spells asking for protection for protesters that confront the police. Witch activists used their dark arts as cutting-edge weapons for those who want to engage in a more spiritual class warfare.”

“The hashtag #WitchesForBLM serves as a meeting place for practicing witches who want to learn how to cast protection spells, draw occult sigils, and hex police. Five days after the hashtag started, it garnered 10 million views on the TikTok app."

They're not even trying to hide it folks....

They're PROUD of it.


Want more?

Here are the self-proclaimed "Witches" putting hexes on Trump.

Think this stuff isn't real?

THEY think it's real.



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