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Fake News EXPOSED: New York Times CAUGHT Calling Trump, “Drumpf” In Article Byline


How low can they possibly go?


You'd think the media couldn't go any lower than they already have with their Trump derangement syndrome.

But every day, they surprise you with yet another antic.

Well, the New York Times has been CAUGHT calling President Trump "Drumpf" in one of the its article bylines.

Did they think no one would notice?!

And no… they weren't being sarcastic.

They used "Drumpf" in an actual "news article."

No wonder the president calls them the "failing New York Times."

See the screenshot below. 

The New York Times corrected the spelling after Twitter users called them out on the hate speech.

Fortunately, someone archived the original page here.

A closer look below:

The fact that a so-called "journalist" would even type Drumpf into a draft of an article is appalling.

What's even more alarming is that none of the editors even caught the error before the article was published.

It raises serious questions about the integrity of the New York Times' quality control.

It also makes it appear evident that the NYT is openly biased against President Trump.

See some user responses on Twitter below:

Can you imagine the outcry if Fox News or a similar conservative outlet made a similar "typo" about Obama?

For example, "Osama?"

We'd never hear the end of it!

Yet... there's hardly any liberal outcry over the use of "Drumpf."

The only press coverage this incident got comes from RT:

The New York Times seems to have been caught mockingly referring to Donald Trump as "Drumpf," the ancestral last name of the president's family, jokingly popularized by his late-night critic John Oliver in 2016.

The discovery was made by self-described "disaffected liberal" commentator Tim Pool on Friday. In the NYT's Thursday article, correspondent Anemona Hartocollis seemed to have written about Yale University's confrontation with "the Drumpf administration" over admission policies.

The lettering had been corrected at some point, but the original spelling has been archived.

The incident started a round of bashing the paper of record on Twitter, with Pool himself going as far as to say that it is "not a news company."

His take on the outlet found a lot of support, with people saying that it "never has been" and that the NYT is just a "personal blog."


For some, that was hard to believe, because the last name "Drumpf" was widely popularized by the infotainment show "Last Week Tonight." It had a famous bit about how the then-candidate Trump's German family anglicized their last name.

At the time, the show gained some controversy regarding the validity of the name-change claims. The experts seem to have concluded it did happen, but in the 17th century, much earlier than host John Oliver claimed.

In case you had any question about whether or not the NYT is a "real" news company, this incident should fully answer your question.



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