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Michigan REJECTS Nearly 1,000 Ballots “Because the Voter Was Dead”


But but but…. "Voter fraud isn't real!!!!!"

Sorry, liberals…

But the evidence against vote-by-mail continues to pile up.

Nearly 1,000 ballots were REJECTED by Michigan.


"Because the voter was dead."

On Michigan's August 4th primary, a total of 10,694 ballots were rejected.

Out of all the ballots rejected, exactly 846 were rejected "because the voter was dead."

That's nearly 1,000 ballots!

Some elections are decided by a few hundred votes!

The stakes clearly couldn't be higher, yet despite numerous cases like this, the Democrats and their allies in the media keep trying to claim that vote-by-mail is safe.

More details below:

And this is just in Michigan!

Can you imagine what election day would look like if this happened in all 50 states?


According to The Detroit News:

More than 6,400 of Michigan's 10,600 absentee ballots rejected Aug. 4 were turned away because they arrived after Election Day, Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson's office said Friday.

Another 2,225 ballots were discarded because there was no signature on the envelope; 1,111 were rejected because the voter moved; and 846 were not accepted because the voter was dead, according to data from Benson's office.

Those individuals listed as dead or moved include voters who died or moved out of the jurisdiction after submitting their absentee ballots, Benson's spokeswoman Tracy Wimmer said. The state gets monthly updates from the Social Security Administration regarding new Michigan deaths so officials can identify ballots filed by people who have since died.

The number of deceased voters is actually less than the November 2016 election, when 1,782 absentee ballots were rejected because the voter had died in an election that had 400,000 fewer absentee ballots than the Aug. 4 primary.

The total of 10,694 ballots rejected Aug. 4 take on special significance in Michigan, where President Donald Trump won by a margin of 10,704 votes in November 2016 — his slimmest margin nationwide.

The development came a day after The Detroit News reported that the U.S. Postal Service has warned Benson that Michigan's mail delivery timelines pose "significant risk" to ballots sent too close to Election Day and that could lead to their disqualification.

Detroit received 820 ballots late that couldn’t be counted, City Clerk Janice Winfrey told The News on Thursday, while Warren’s clerk said Michigan’s third largest city received 84 ballots late through Thursday.

Michigan's largest city also rejected 452 ballots because election officials lacked signatures or the signatures on the envelope did not match state data, according to Benson's data. Another 52 moved and 32 died after sending in their ballots.

Detroit also had a convict who voted, the lone ballot to be rejected statewide for that reason.

The city of Lansing rejected 136 late ballots, Grand Rapids received 158, Macomb Township 118, Southfield 128 and Waterford 123.

Benson released the statistics Friday as she urged the Republican-controlled Legislature to pass legislation ahead of November that would require clerks to call the voter if there are issues with an envelope signature and permit ballots to be counted if they were postmarked before Election Day.

If you have liberal friends claiming that there is absolutely no risk to mail-in voting, then show them this article!

Everyone who wants a FAIR, ACCURATE, and TRANSPARENT election should want to make sure that the results truly reflect the will of the people!

This should not be a political issue!

And guess what...

It's not just Michigan.

While the situation in Michigan is bad, it pales in comparison to what happened in Nevada.

Over 223,000 mailed ballots were RETURNED to voters in the primary.


They were "undeliverable."

According to the Review Journal:

More than 223,000 mailed ballots were returned to Clark County as undeliverable mail during the June primary, according to a report by the conservative-leaning Public Interest Legal Foundation and confirmed by the Review-Journal.

Because of COVID-19 concerns, officials opted for the first all-mail election in state history. Unlike other counties, Clark County mailed ballots to all — not just active — voters, in part because of legal pressure from state and national Democrats.

Of the 1,325,934 ballots mailed out in Clark, 223,469 were returned as undeliverable. About 305,000 were returned by voters, verified and counted by the county.

About 58 percent of the undeliverable ballots belonged to inactive voters — those who have failed to confirm their address with the county but remain registered. Inactive voters are removed from the rolls entirely if they miss two consecutive federal elections.

Recent changes to the state’s election laws stipulate that only active voters will receive ballots in the Nov. 3 general election, so it’s likely the number of undeliverable ballots would decrease under the current plan.

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