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No Mask, No Freedom: Englewood, CO Says Max Penalty For Violators Is Jail

If authorities in Englewood catch you violating their new public mask policy, they will fine you and may even imprison you.


If you wanted to blow up the police department in Englewood, CO, you might just get away with it these days. 

But go out maskless in public??

Woe to you!

Our friends at Fox Newshave reported on the new mandate and the possible penalties incurred for failing to fall in line (I mean comply):

The city of Englewood, Colo. located just south of Denver, will require all citizens to wear face masks Friday as coronavirus cases are on the rise. Violators will have the right to a trial but could face up to a year in prison or a $2,600 fine.

The emergency order was issued by City Manager J. Shawn Lewis and approved by the city council Monday, detailing that everyone over the age of 6-years old will be required to wear a mask when outside of their homes.

The order directs all members of the public to wear face masks that cover both their nose and mouth while in any retail, commercial, or government offices along with all health care facilities, including veterinary offices.

Face coverings are not required when in a personal office and individuals are more than six feet apart from one another.

The city’s police department has been authorized to ticket first offenders with a $15 fine. The second offense will be an additional $25 fine.

The order also notes that “Any person charged with an offense under this Emergency Order may choose to enter a plea of not guilty and be entitled to a trial as authorized by the law.”

The maximum penalty someone can receive for not abiding by the mask order is a fine that cannot exceed $2,650 and up to 360 days in prison.”

Denver affiliate NBC News 9, reports the story but seems to omit the absurd penalties which can be levied against "violators":

Englewood is the latest Colorado city to enact a mask mandate in an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19.

Englewood City Council voted on Monday to issue an emergency order mandating mask-wearing for all residents when they are outside of their home.

Starting Thursday, July 9, anyone over the age of 5 will be required to wear a face covering while inside businesses, government offices and public transit.

"Requiring face coverings is intended to preserve the health and well-being of Englewood citizens, as well as to stem the spread of the virus and prevent the economic harms to the City’s business community associated with more extreme measures to control the spread of COVID-19, such as State mandated business shut-down orders," a release from the City of Englewood says.

According to the order, masks must be worn in the following situations:

When inside, or in line to enter, any retail or commercial business or governmental service.
                                                                                                                      When obtaining services at healthcare operations
                                                                                                                      When waiting for or riding on public transportation (including without limitation any bus, RTD bus, or RTD light rail), paratransit, or while they are riding in a taxi, private car service, or ride-sharing vehicle.
                                                                                                                    Drivers of any public transportation, ride-sharing vehicle or any other vehicle for hire must wear a face covering while driving within Englewood, regardless of whether a member of the public is in the vehicle, the order says.

Residents do not need to wear a face covering while driving alone or with other members of the same family.

The order also states that all retail and commercial businesses must require their employees, contractors, owners, and volunteers to wear a face covering at the workplace and when performing work off-site any time that person is:

Interacting in person with any member of the public
                                                                                                                 Working in any space visited by members of the public, such as by way of example and without limitation, reception areas, grocery store or pharmacy aisles, service counters, public restrooms, cashier and checkout areas, waiting rooms, service areas, and other spaces used to interact with the public, regardless of whether anyone from the public is present at the time
                                                                                                                 Working in any space where food is prepared or packaged for sale or distribution to others
                                                                                                                 Working in or walking through common areas such as hallways, stairways, elevators, and parking facilities; or
In any room or enclosed area when other people (except for members of the person’s own household or residence) are present."

I'm relieved to know that if you find yourself in a bind, you are free to take your mask off in the car when alone. 

Or does that mean if you have a passenger they can fine you?


Well folks, have no doubt, the threat of imprisonment is right in the order:

Read the full order on the Englewood website, here.

The mask gestapo is coming. 


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