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Oklahoma City DA: “This Is Not Seattle!”

District Attorney of Oklahoma City, David Prater, has announced rioters in the city will be charged with domestic terror.


Take note, mayor Jenny. 

This is how you deal with left wing mobsters.

As reported by local Fox affiliate, Fox25 in the Sooner State:

Black Lives Matter Oklahoma City and the ACLU of Oklahoma are telling District Attorney David Prater he went too far after protesters were charged with terrorism.

Some of the charges announced Friday come from about a month ago when protests started in downtown Oklahoma City.

On the weekend of May 30, out of peaceful protests came violent clashes with police.

An Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office van was set on fire.

Investigators say both Isael Ortiz and Eric Ruffin were involved.

On top of arson charges, both were charged with crimes of terrorism.

Black Lives Matter says the D.A. went overboard.

“Property damage is not a violent nor an act of terrorism,” said Black Lives Matter OKC Executive Director Sheri Dickerson. “The only violence committed on May 30 and 31 was the excessive force of those of the Oklahoma City Police Department and other law enforcement agencies.”

Court records say the burning of the van was done in an effort to “influence the policy or conduct of a government by intimidation or coercion and in retaliation for the policy or conduct of a government by intimidation or coercion.”

Dickerson says she has spoken to Prater about the charges and asked him to remove warrants and drop the bond for those who were arrested.

She claims the acts were non-violent since no one was harmed.”

No one was harmed...


Just your typical threat of force against "police tyranny."

In a shocking turn of events, the Oklahoma chapter of the ACLU chalks the tough stance up guessed it..."system racism":

The news that District Attorney David Prater is pursuing politically based charges of terrorism, incitement to riot and assault dropped late Friday night. Word quickly spread of the excessive charges as many people leading the call against the especially violent Oklahoma City police were attending another demonstration demanding justice for Isaiah Lewis, who was murdered by Edmond police officers last year. David Prater’s use of discretion not to charge the white officers responsible for Isaiah Lewis’s murder, but urgent use of the harshest possible charges to retaliate against protesters is part of the broader injustice and systemic racism we join Black leaders on the ground in condemning.

“Oklahoma County District Attorney Prater’s invocation of the Oklahoma Anti-Terrorism Act against persons protesting the death of George Floyd is nothing short of an abuse of power. The charging decisions are inflammatory at best, and, at worst, deliberately unconstitutional. It is an unsubtle attempt to stifle free speech by over-charging individuals with anti-terrorism conduct and the implicit threat that, you too, can face serious anti-terrorism charges simply by being present during a protest. Prater is using the hammer of his office to intimidate people into not exercising their Constitutional rights while demanding justice and racial equality,” says Michael Redman, Interim Legal Director for the ACLU of Oklahoma. “The harshest of these charges being leveraged against young Black men is part of the very problem the community has been protesting. Oklahoma has a very different system of justice based on your race, and we must continue to protest that on the streets and in our courtrooms without fear of retribution.”  

Most of the narrative of actions on the ground have circled around whether or not protests are peaceful, judging them based on property damage. It’s not the ACLU of Oklahoma’s job to place judgment on others’ feelings or reactions to the brutal murder of a Black man by a police officer or the violence of white supremacy in this country. Property damage costs are minimal compared to the money expended on excessive force and prosecutorial misconduct cases and are inconsequential when compared to the human lives lost at the hands of the Oklahoma City Police. Any conversation around such actions diminishes and diverts attention away from the reason thousands are protesting and demonstrating: to show their anger and pain at the senseless death of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and the countless other Black men and women who have perished at the hands of law enforcement.

Burning things to the ground, that's protected speech dontchya know!

Swarming police precincts and threatening force in order to effectively over throw civil services..that's the right to assembly!

Despite whatever distortion special interest groups and liberal media outlets apply to this story, these are not laws targeting people of color disproportionately. 

These are charges targeted at arsonists, looters, vandals, and those conducting violence, plain and simple. 

If you don't want to be charged, don't set a police car on fire. 

You need a new DA???

No, you need a reality check. 

This is how you rest control from anarchists who are threatening the safety of private citizens, private property, and the stability of our government. 

District Attorney David Prater is blazing the trail for meeting the anarchist menace head on.

No more coddling destructive behavior or manipulating the public narrative. 

Anyone setting fires and threatening police because they're mad is a criminal, and it's time they be treated like one. 


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