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BREAKING: Trump to Attend Arizona Border Ceremony Tuesday to “Commemorate” 200 Miles of New Wall Construction


There are many reasons to vote for the re-election of President Trump.

But the one that most Trump supporters take for granted is the fact that President Trump has KEPT his promises!

There's a reason "Promises Made, Promises Kept" is one of his re-election campaign's slogans.

On Tuesday, President Trump will head to Arizona to "commemorate" 200 miles of new border wall.

While the media is dedicated to making President Trump look as bad as possible, Trump is fulfilling his promises to the American people.

He is heading to the Arizona border to celebrate the work that has been accomplished so far!

More details below:

This is a massive development.

While the country is settling down from civil unrest from the aftermath of George Floyd's death, people will be reminded that President Trump has kept his promises!

The Washington Examiner confirms Trump's visit to Arizona:

President Trump will travel to the southern border Tuesday to attend a ceremony celebrating 200 miles of completed border wall construction under his administration, according to the White House.

Trump will visit Yuma, Arizona, for a roundtable briefing with U.S. border officials on trade and travel operations and the progress of the southern border barrier's construction at the international boundary and then will participate in a wall "commemoration" ceremony.

The trip, less than five months ahead of the November election, gives Trump a chance to tout his progress on following through on his campaign promise to secure the border with a wall. The 2,000-mile southern border stretches from the Gulf of Mexico in southern Texas to the Pacific Ocean in southwestern California. Roughly 700 miles of the border had some type of fencing or barrier before Trump took office in January 2017 — half was tall, steel fencing, and half was 4-foot-tall vehicle barriers.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection, the federal agency overseeing where wall is installed, told the Washington Examiner last summer that most of the completed miles of barrier under Trump were “in place of dilapidated designs." CBP and the Army Corps of Engineers, overseeing the actual construction, moved faster on replacement projects than the new ones because the approval process for environmental and zoning permits was less extensive than areas of the border with no barrier.

The Trump administration maintains that significant portions of new wall will be finished during the time remaining in Trump's term. Army Corps Commanding Gen. Todd T. Semonite said the Corps will put up 450 miles of wall, including some that replaces old barriers, by November 2020. Trump vowed during the State of the Union address in February to build “substantially more than 500 miles” of wall by early 2021.

Wall construction has continued through the coronavirus pandemic despite stay-at-home orders that affected more than 200 million nonessential workers nationwide. Dozens of Democratic lawmakers in April asked acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf to suspend construction during the pandemic, but construction did not stop.

The Trump administration has more than 500 miles of fencing funded, some of which is already under construction. But even if the administration achieved its 2020 goal, it would only put 165 miles of new fence in previously unsecured areas of the 2,000-mile border. The rest would replace older barriers.

Of course, we can expect the media to bash the wall.

They never wanted the wall in the first place.

They'll likely criticize the wall for being no where close to finished, but they'll fail to report that it was the Democrats who stonewalled and prevented construction.

Despite Democrats' obstruction, President Trump has been able to construct over 200 miles of new border wall this year alone!

That's HUGE!


Trump will also meet with local leaders in Arizona. 

They will discuss many things, including border security.

Time Magazine has additional details on the President's plans once he arrives in Arizona:

President Donald Trump is scheduled to visit Yuma on Tuesday to mark the completion of the 200th mile of the border wall system between the U.S. and Mexico.

White House officials told the Yuma Sun that the president will receive a briefing on the border wall construction, then participate in a roundtable discussion with local community and elected leaders on border security.

After the roundtable, Trump will tour the border wall and thank U.S. Border Patrol and law enforcement for their efforts and then fly to Phoenix to speak at a Students for Trump convention at Dream City Church.

Expected to join Trump in Yuma are Acting Department of Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf, Acting Deputy DHS Secretary Ken Cuccinelli, and Customs and Border Protection Acting Commissioner Mark Morgan.

As the campaign kicks into full gear, you can expect Trump to remind you that he's kept the promises he's made!

While other politicians pander for votes, Trump is a man of the people and is accomlishing the people's will.

Thank you, Mr. President, for fighting to keep us safe!


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