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FLASHBACK: Biden Comments Suggest “Mainstream” Blacks Before Obama Weren’t Articulate, Bright, Clear, Or Nice Looking


Say it ain't so, Joe!

As talks about race relations in America once again take center stage, Joe Biden's comments from 2007 are once again going viral.

In his comments, Biden appeared to suggest that blacks before Barack Obama were not articulate, bright, clean, or good looking.

Don't take our word for it.

Here's exactly what Joe Biden said about Barack Obama in 2007.

I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy. I mean, that's a storybook, man.


If Joe Biden said those words today, it would be a whole other story. If President Trump said those words, the media would crucify him for "racist" comments.

Yet as the video goes viral again on social media, no one in the mainstream media has questioned Biden about his former comments.

This stands in stark contrast to the "cancel culture" happening today for "sins" committed in the past.

See Joe Biden's comments below:

Can you imagine the reaction if President Trump called Barack Obama the first "clean" mainstream African American?

He would never be forgiven by the radical left!

Yet Joe Biden was allowed to say these words and serve as Vice President under Barack Obama... and he's now the standard bearer for the Democratic comment.

CNN confirms the explosive (but under-reported) comments Biden made in 2007:

Sen. Joe Biden planned to spend Wednesday focusing on his official announcement that he was running for president, but the Delaware Democrat instead found himself defending remarks he made to the New York Observer about his Democratic opponents.

In the article published Wednesday, Biden is quoted evaluating presidential rivals Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, D-New York, former Sen. John Edwards, D-North Carolina, and Sen. Barack Obama, D-Illinois. His remarks about Obama, the only African-American serving in the Senate, drew the most scrutiny.

"I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy," Biden said. "I mean, that's a storybook, man."

Biden issued a statement Wednesday afternoon, saying: "I deeply regret any offense my remark in the New York Observer might have caused anyone. That was not my intent and I expressed that to Sen. Obama."

Biden also spoke to reporters in a conference call Wednesday afternoon and said the remark was taken out of context.

"Barack Obama is probably the most exciting candidate that the Democratic or Republican Party has produced at least since I've been around," Biden said on the call. "And he's fresh. He's new. He's smart. He's insightful. And I really regret that some have taken totally out of context my use of the world 'clean.'"

Biden said he was referring to a phrase used by his mother.

"My mother has an expression: clean as a whistle, sharp as a tack," Biden said.

These comments would be easy to overlook if it weren't for the fact that Biden has made similarly offensive comments recently.

Remember, Biden suggested that "you ain't black" if you're voting for President Trump!

Paris Dennard, an opinion contributer at the USA Today, says that Democrats are scared of President Trump because he's been good for African Americans.

Compare that to Joe Biden, who has questioned Trump supporters' blackness one moment, then defends his racist 1994 crime bill in the next breath.

According to Dennard's piece in the USA Today:

Much attention has been rightfully devoted to bigoted comments former Vice President Joe Biden made during his Friday interview with “The Breakfast Club” when he had the audacity to say "Well I tell you what, If you have a problem figuring out whether you're for me or Trump, then you ain't black."

As a black man who voted for Donald J. Trump for president in 2016, and plans to do so in 2020, no 77-year-old white man from Delaware has the right, authority or rationale to question my blackness or the blackness of millions of Americans exercising our God-given right to be free and exercise our constitutionally granted power to vote for whomever we want, even if they are Republican.

If you only watch the sound bites of the interview, you miss his full-throated support and defense of the 1994 crime bill. Biden literally tried to convince black America that our communities weren't destroyed, black families weren't ripped apart, and black wealth was not stifled for generations because of a bill he designed.


The black community is well aware of the real impact of his signature legislation. The Center for American Progress sums it up: “The crime bill also expanded the school-to-prison pipeline and increased racial disparities in juvenile justice involvement by creating draconian penalties for so-called super predators — low-income children of color, especially black children, who are convicted of multiple crimes.”

Thanks to President Trump’s courageous leadership pushing for historic criminal justice reform and signing the First Step Act into law, he helped reverse the pain and suffering many black men and women experienced because of Biden’s bill.

If Biden felt any remorse over what he helped do to the black community, he could have spent his next decades of service to Delaware to undo the damage, but he didn’t. If Biden was so connected, concerned, and passionate about helping and uplifting the black community he would have publicly pushed President Barack Obama to get criminal justice reform over the finish line, but he was silent.

Biden and the Democratic National Committee seem to look at black Americans just as votes and not as actual people, with brains, feelings and families. Liberal policies have not made it easier for black business owners to navigate fewer regulations, pay less in taxes, and be lifted out of poverty. Liberal policies were not responsible for historic low black unemployment, and the creation of opportunity zones. But the Trump administration did. So, Biden should not be asking black America to compare his record to that of Trump's.

While Biden and the Democratic party are pandering for votes, President Trump has actually delivered for the black community.

He made America great again once...

He can do it again!

The COVID-19 pandemic is just a roadbump on the story of American greatness.

The choice is yours, America! We need 4 more years of President Trump!


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