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Viral Video: Dog Bites Protester Taunting Police with “F the Police” Chant


If you don't believe in karma, then you need to watch this viral video.

Just seconds after a protester was taunting the police with an "F the police" chant, the police dog bit the protester in the rear!

The K9 was leashed and fully controlled by the police officer.

But the protester turned his back and got too close to the officer for the dog's comfort.

The K9 then bit the protester in the rear as his colleagues were watching.

See the hilarious moment below! 

When the K9 bit the protester, many in the crowd began screaming "What the f*ck? What the f*ck?"

But the video clearly shows that the police did not order the dog to bite the protester.

Rather, it was the protester who wasn't paying attention and got too close for the dog's comfort.

In separate incidences across the nation, dogs have been injured due to protesters and rioters.

And in some unfortunate cases, the dogs have died.

Urban Milwaukee reports one such tragic incident:

Milwaukee police chief Alfonso Morales revealed Tuesday afternoon that an altercation between a member of the car caravan following the pedestrian marchers and a Cambridge Woods resident resulted in the death of a dog on Monday evening.

Morales revealed the news to WTMJ’s John Mercure in a live interview on Tuesday.

“What is peaceful about a group of people marching last night at 11:00 p.m…when an individual from that crowd goes to a resident and shoots their dog?” said Morales on Tuesday.

The incident happened on the 3000 block of N. Bartlett Ave. near UW-Milwaukee. The march had made its way through the East Side and into a number of North Shore suburbs before ending at 3 a.m. when the police broke up the remaining marchers with spike strips and tear gas. The police had used spike strips, used to puncture tires, throughout the night to funnel the protesters.

The dog was shot by a member of the car caravan that was recklessly driving on the sidewalk following an interaction with its owner, said the Milwaukee Police Department. On Monday, Urban Milwaukee followed the pedestrian group for much of its march, but did see multiple drivers in the rear caravan drive on the sidewalk on N. Maryland Ave. near where the reported incident with the dog happened.

The dog was a 14-year-old German shepherd that was later euthanized, said the police department.
“The nighttime events are totally different from the daytime,” said Morales. The evening events, as Urban Milwaukee has observed, often include a growing number of motor vehicles and a declining number of marchers. Monday’s march, characterized as peaceful by Urban Milwaukee because the pedestrian group was self-policing, had a larger number of pedestrians remain at the front than past marches. On nights when the pedestrian group has been smaller, Urban Milwaukee has observed an increase in reckless driving.

In a press conference Monday afternoon, Morales characterized the cars involved in the protests as potentially dangerous weapons — “4,000-pound bullets.” The city has suffered from a dramatic increase in reckless driving and collisions in recent years.

March leader Frank Nitty told Urban Milwaukee Monday afternoon that he knows individuals will do “stupid shit,” but they don’t represent the group. “We are not trying to break any laws, but we have to push back a little bit,” said Nitty. “We are not trying to burn anything down, we are being peaceful.”

Urban Milwaukee spotted the aftermath of a crash related to the caravan on Tuesday evening at the intersection of N. Milwaukee St. and E. Juneau Ave. On Saturday afternoon a number of collisions near the caravan were spotted. Sunday’s conflict at the intersection of N. Oakland Ave. and E. Edgewood Ave. was initiated by those in motor vehicles.

At this point, more lives have been lost and more property has been damaged by the protesters in a single week, than the police forces across the nation have done in an entire year.

Yet Democrats and Hollywood elite appear to be encouraging these violent riots and thefts rather than urging for peace.

The reality is that the vast majority of police forces across the nation want to end police brutality.

They believe that the case of George Floyd was a terrible outlier, not the norm.

The Chicago Tribune reports:

The black police officers were called “Uncle Tom mother-(expletives)” by angry black protesters at a Black Lives Matter demonstration.

“They were degraded 10 times worse than I was,” said a white police officer who worked alongside them. “It was disgraceful.”

This exchange took place Sunday afternoon near Southlake Mall in Hobart at a peaceful protest that later turned hostile, resulting in more than a dozen arrests. Multiple police departments eventually merged forces to secure a perimeter line and to control the crowd as it marched toward Interstate 65.

“I can’t tell you how frustrating it is to be a police officer right now,” one cop told me. “The hatred that was shown on Sunday is appalling.”

I spoke with several officers, all white, from different departments under the agreement of not revealing their identities in this column. Otherwise, they would not be allowed by their supervisors to speak with me.

“What happened to George Floyd sickens me and every other good, decent police officer,” one 30-year officer told me. “I refuse to refer to that employee of the city of Minneapolis as an officer. It’s a title he does not deserve. He disgraced all of us and should be prosecuted as any other person who breaks the law in our society.”

That officer, Derek Chauvin, has been charged with second-degree murder, upgraded Wednesday from third-degree murder. In addition, the three other officers involved in Floyd’s death have been charged with abetting. Critics insist a “Blue Wall of Silence” has allowed such chronic police brutality to continue for generations. And that too many officers within the Blue Lives Matter brotherhood refuse to report other cops for wrongdoing or criminal activity.

“There is not one officer in the United States who saw that officer on that man’s neck and didn’t think the officer should be charged,” another veteran officer told me. “Every officer I talk to would be more than happy to take the Minneapolis officer out back and take care of the issue. He caused the destruction of a nation. He disgusts me and every one of us.”

A reader has contacted me multiple times this week to complain about police brutality in our region, citing a photo in a previous Post-Tribune story. It shows a protester taken to the ground by a police dog at Sunday’s demonstration.

Another reader accused me of siding with police officers on this issue if I shared their opinions in this column space. I replied that I am siding with the police officers cited here, as well as with cops who do good work every day under extremely challenging circumstances. To condemn every cop because of abusive, heinous cops such as Chauvin is wrong and shortsighted.

“There are over 800,000 law enforcement officers in the U.S.,” said an officer for a Lake County municipality. “A small percentage, like these four (Minneapolis officers), disgrace every one of us who go out every day trying our best to enforce the law impartially. And to protect those who cannot protect themselves.”

“The other three Minneapolis employees who stood by and did nothing deserved to be fired and never have the right to wear a badge again,” he said.

As a cop, he has changed car tires for stranded motorists, fought people twice his size who were trying to harm their spouse. He has been spit on and removed neglected children from an unfit home, he said.

Instead of abusing and accusing all officers, these protesters should be partnering with officers to build a safer and more prosperous city.

However, rioters and protesters across the nation seem more intent on tearing their cities down rather than improving them.



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