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Al Sharpton Announces March On Washington Weeks Before November Election


Al Sharpton has announced a new march on Washington that was allegedly inspired by George Floyd's death.

However, Sharpton isn't even hiding the fact that this appears to be politically motivated.

When announcing the march on Washington, Sharpton delcared that the march is "going to be getting us ready to vote, not just for who's going to be in the White House, but the statehouse and the city councils that allow these policing measures to go unquestioned."

Most Americans were united in the condemnation of George Floyd's death.

But Democrats and far left radicals have appeared to hijack the moment to push their politcal narrative.

See Sharpton's divisive comments below:

Sharpton calls it the #2020MarchOnWashington.

It will happen fewer than 10 weeks before the November election.

If this were truly about George Floyd, wouldn't Sharpton organize the march as quickly as possible to harness the national energy?

Rather, he's postponing it until the very end of August, with the November elections right around the corner.

CNN confirms the timing:

The Rev. Al Sharpton announced Thursday that he's organizing a March on Washington in late August to mark the 57th anniversary of the historic demonstration for civil rights as protests over the death of George Floyd sweep the nation.

Sharpton said the event will be led by the families of black people who have died at the hands of police officers, including Floyd's family. Sharpton made the announcement while speaking at Floyd's memorial service on Thursday.

"On August 28, the 57th anniversary of the March on Washington, we're going back to Washington," Sharpton said as he delivered a eulogy for Floyd, a black man who was killed last week by a white police officer in Minneapolis, during the memorial service.

"We're going back this August 28 to restore and recommit that dream (of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.) ... We need to go back to Washington and stand up, black, white, Latino, Arab, in the shadows of Lincoln and tell them this is the time to stop this," Sharpton said.

Sharpton said the march is going to be led by the families that "know the pain" and know what it's like to be "neglected," including the families of Floyd and Eric Garner, a black man who was choked to death in 2014 by a police officer in New York.

The reverend also said the march is "going to be getting us ready to vote, not just for who's going to be in the White House, but the statehouse and the city councils that allow these policing measures to go unquestioned."

"We are going to change the time," he declared to mourners present at Floyd's memorial service.

The plans will likely raise significant questions about the safety of the event's participants as public health officials are still recommending against holding large gatherings amid the coronavirus pandemic.

While Democrats criticized peaceful protesters who wanted to return to work, they appear to be endorsing this March on Washington.

Many Hollywood leaders and media leaders haven't even condemned the riots... though they roundly condemned business owners and salon owners for attempting to put food on the table.

In case there's any doubt that this is politically motivated, Sharpton criticized President Trump during George Floyd's memorial!

A memorial service is meant to celebrate and honor the life of the one who died!

But Sharpton used the opportunity to bash President Trump!

Fox News reports that Hannity fired back in defense of the president:

Sean Hannity slammed civil rights leader and MSNBC host Al Sharpton Thursday over his rhetorical sniping toward President Trump during a memorial service for George Floyd in Minneapolis.

"For those that have agendas that are not about justice, this family will not let you use George as a prop," Sharpton said at one point. "They talk about making America great. Great for who and great when? We are going to make America great for everybody for the first time!"

In response, Hannity claimed Sharpton was not familiar with the president's words or actions.

"Perhaps Al Sharpton missed the president's comments or missed his early demand for immediate justice [for Floyd] and expedited an investigation," the host said.

"The FBI [was] brought in by the president, the DOJ [was] brought in by the president and the civil rights division to work with local law enforcement authorities -- [the four suspects] were fired in record time, all four officers have now been charged, serious charges, and we believe that justice will be served," he said.

"But [with Sharpton] you've got fear, division, hatred, blame-Trump -- everything is in Trump's name."

Hannity added that Sharpton may not have noted that his hometown is "under attack" from anarchists and looters.

"Last night in the City of New York, two officers were shot, another stabbed right in the neck," the host said. "They were patrolling the streets of Brooklyn for looters but authorities are now probing the perpetrator's possible links to terrorists.

The reality is that many black Americans look up to President Trump.

In fact, some black leaders and business owners have even claimed that Trump is the most "pro-black president" of their lifetime.

Trump has fought to make America great again for ALL Americans!

Rather than fighting Trump, perhaps "leaders" like Sharpton should join him.


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