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A Second COVID-19 Wave May NEVER Come, Fauci Appears to Suggest


The "facts" from the experts have changed… AGAIN!

After warning the public for weeks that a second wave is inevitable, Dr. Anthony Fauci now claims that a second wave is "not inevitable."

In other words, a second wave of COVID-19 may NEVER happen!

While states like California and New York are continuing to impose harsh lockdown orders, other states across the country are safely reopening their economies.

But if a second wave of COVID-19 may never come, then why are so many blue states remaining closed?

This is yet the latest example of the experts changing their tune.

First, we were told by the World Health Organization that human-to-human transmission was not possible.

The CDC flip-flopped TWICE on whether the coronavirus can spread on surfaces.

The public was initially told that masks wouldn't help, but now masks are recommended.

And now, it appears that a second COVID-19 wave might not even be on the horizon, if it exists at all!

More details on Fauci's new comments below:

Though Democrats like to claim that Republicans don't listen to the experts, the reality is that the so-called experts have changed their tune on a seemingly weekly basis!

If "facts are facts" like the far-left claims, then why are the facts changing?!

Going from "a second wave is inevitable" to suggesting a second wave may NEVER happen is quite the flip-flop.

CNBC confirms Dr. Fauci's shocking statement:

A second wave of the coronavirus outbreak in the United States “could happen” but is “not inevitable,” White House health advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci said Wednesday.

The U.S. can prevent another wave of Covid-19 as long as states reopen “correctly,” Fauci said Wednesday morning in an interview on CNN. “Don’t start leapfrogging over the recommendations of some of the guidelines because that’s really tempting fate and asking for trouble.”

Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and a member of President Donald Trump’s coronavirus task force, has previously warned that Americans need to prepare for the possibility of a second wave of the coronavirus in the fall, which would run alongside the flu season.

“We will have coronavirus in the fall,” Fauci said in April. “I am convinced of that.”

He told The Washington Post this month that he has “no doubt” there will be new waves of cases.

Fauci’s comments came days after he told CNBC that stay-at-home orders intended to curb the spread of the coronavirus could end up causing “irreparable damage” if imposed for too long.

“I don’t want people to think that any of us feel that staying locked down for a prolonged period of time is the way to go,” Fauci said during an interview Friday with CNBC’s Meg Tirrell on “Halftime Report.”

He said the U.S. had to institute severe measures because Covid-19 cases were exploding then. “But now is the time, depending upon where you are and what your situation is, to begin to seriously look at reopening the economy, reopening the country to try to get back to some degree of normal.”

The reality is that the vast majority of Americans are taking COVID-19 seriously.

The government cannot mandate a shut-down forever.

Americans have the right to practice their own personal responsibility and to make their own risk assessments when leaving their homes.

It is not the job of the government to coddle everyone and hand out endless paychecks.

These social distancing measures are the reason President Trump has not been able to hold any campaign rallies.

As people learn that a second wave may not happen, will people once again pack into arenas to support the 45th President of the United States?

While it appears that the United States has already hit its peak, Syracuse reports that the World Health Organization claims that the first wave is not yet over:

Fauci’s comments come just two days after the World Health Organization warned that the first wave of Covid-19 is not yet over, and that the disease is still on the rise around the world. There have been more than 5.6 million confirmed cases around the world as of Thursday, and more than 355,000 deaths attributed to the pandemic.

Amid such dire prospects, states including New York have begun instituting reopening plans in different phases. New York is currently in its first phase of reopening, which includes manufacturing, curbside retail, construction and agriculture.

Parts of the state, including Central New York, plan on moving to phase two as soon as Friday. That would permit all office-based jobs, real-estate services, in-store retail and limited barbershop and salon services to resume.

In the same interview with CNN, Dr. Fauci also admitted that wearing a mask is not 100% effective.

Instead, he appeared to suggest that the mask is simply a symbol that shows "respect" for other people.


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