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Alyssa Milano Calls Trump “A Garbage Human” And Shares “Anti-Racism Resources for White People”


Here we go again!

Alyssa Milano is once again inserting herself into a national tragedy that has nothing to do with her!

On Wednesday, Alyssa Milano tweeted that Trump is a "garbage human" while reminding her followers to register to vote.

In the tweet, she appeared to blame Trump for all the COVID-19 deaths in the United States, which crossed a grim milestone: 100,000.

However, the 100,000 deaths is far below the dire estimates of over 2.2 million people dead.

Thanks to President Trump's decisive actions, countless tens of thousands of lives in the United States have been SAVED.

Yet, Milano appeared to take advantage of the grim milestone to bash the president (apparently her favorite pasttime) as a "garbage human."

See her tweet below:

Alyssa, have you ever considered that perhaps he hasn't tweeted condolences because he's ACTUALLY doing something to stop more deaths!

Furthermore, anyone who has spent even 15 minutes watching Trump's press briefings is fully aware that he has spoken condolences and grieved publicly multiple times.

COVID-19 is truly a national tragedy, and it's a shame that celebrities like Milano are attempting to politicize it!

But that's not all...

Immediately after calling Trump a "garbage human," Milano tweeted "anti-racism resources for white people."

Milano's tweet comes days after riots have destroyed Minneapolis.

Black Lives Matter rioters have taken to the streets to torch buildings, vandalize cars, and rob stores such as target.

Instead of calling for peace and urging the rioters to stand down, Milano appeared to cast blame on white people.

According to Red State Observer:

Among the “books to read” are “Black Feminist Thought” and “So You Want to Talk About Race.”

Among the “anti-racism resources to check out” are “75 Things White People Can Do for Racial Justice.”

Meanwhile, Milano has recently retweeted some harsh criticism of President Trump.

Milano retweeted Andrew Weinstein who wrote:

Donald Trump is losing and he knows it. That’s why he’s frivolously attacking the integrity of vote-by-mail programs. And as November approaches, and he gets more desperate, it’s going to get worse. We must be ready for what’s coming. The future of the republic depends upon it.

See the recommended "anti-racism" resources below:

Instead of specifically calling out the police offer who appears to have committed a crime, Milano appeared to suggest that all white people are at fault.

This type of rhetoric is dangerous and is leading to the riots that we're seeing in Minneapolis today.

According to City Pages, rioters in Minneapolis just destroyed the Third Precinct police station:

Thursday marked the third night of protesting the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police, and the second in which demonstrators set fires. 

While the previous night's most destructive moments targeted nearby businesses, on Thursday, rioters seized control of the Third Precinct police station, as Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey instructed officers to stand down and vacate the building. 

It was soon set on fire, and a crowd of hundreds watched as it burned, a scene that was also live-streamed on national television. 

Protesters are still waiting for charges against four officers involved in the death of Floyd, 46, whose death at the hands of Derek Chauvin was recorded and posted to Facebook Monday evening.

America is wrestling with challenges on multiple fronts.

As though COVID-19 wasn't enough, the media and the Democratic party have ratched up talk of racism.

While there are certainly racists in America (and in LITERALLY every country around the globe), the vast majority of Americans are AGAINST racism!

Yet, celebrities appear joyous to slam all white people as part of the problem.

The reality is that their rhetoric is only making the problem worse.


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