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Trump Campaign Releases Most Brutal Ad Yet: “Let Them Eat Ice Cream” – Nancy Antoinette


The president’s reelection campaign has just released one of its most brutal ads yet!

And the best part?

There’s no spinning, no splicing, and nothing taken out of context.

In a new ad titled, “Let them eat ice cream,” the Trump campaign is using Nancy Pelosi’s own words against her.

Late last week, Speaker of the House Pelosi appeared on late night television to show off her $24,000 refrigerator stocked with luxury ice cream and goodies.

The ad cuts between Pelosi’s gloating and historically long lines at food banks.

Not everyone has a $24,000 fridge, the ad states.

As Pelosi eats ice cream, Americans are literally starving because they’ve lost their jobs and the stimulus money for the Paycheck Protection Program has run dry.

Watch the ad below:


"Let them eat ice cream" is a play on the iconic "Let them eat cake," which was said by Marie Antoinette, who was beheaded during the French Revolution.

President Trump is reminding voters that he is a fighter, and that he fights for the prosperity of the American people!

Meanwhile, Democratic leaders such as Pelosi are showing off their possessions on late night TV while main street struggles to get by under this shutdown.

Many people are saying that this might be the most brutal, hard-hitting political ad that we've seen in years.

Meghan McCain has even called this a "kill shot" ad on Pelosi's ice cream.

Fox News has more details:

"The View" co-host Meghan McCain argued the Trump campaign turned House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's appearance on late-night television into an effective ad that dubbed her "Nancy Antoinette."

"I thought this ad was a kill shot," McCain said on Tuesday.

The ad juxtaposed Pelosi showing her freezer full of ice cream with news that Americans were waiting for "hours" at food banks. It also highlighted how Democrats rejected a coronavirus relief package.

At one point, a man says "right now, it's survival mode." In the following clip, Pelosi says: "I don't know what I would have done if ice cream were not invented." It ends with a spoof quote, playing off of one attributed to former French Queen Marie Antoinette. "Let them eat ice cream," the quote reads, before citing "Nancy Antoinette."

On Tuesday, McCain added: "It’s not the ice cream that's in her fridge. It’s the fact that she’s standing behind giant refrigerators, multiple ones that cost $24,000 each."

She also responded to "View" co-host Joy Behar, who had suggested Republicans should look at President Trump's refrigerator given how wealthy he was.

"You’re right, Joy, politicians are wealthy, Trump is wealthy, but I think in this specific moment, optics are narratives. I don’t make the rules of politics. This is just how it works," McCain said.

McCain also noted how the ad showed Pelosi "joking" about rejecting the stimulus package. She was referring to a portion where Pelosi said, smiling: "They were asking for a quarter of a trillion dollars within 48 hours and I said, 'Well, I don't think so.'"

"Trust me when I say this, it will play very well in the middle of the country," McCain said.

On numerous occasions, Democrats have appeared to look "happy" at the slate of negative economic news resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, for example, was thrilled about the dramatic drop in oi, prices and said that this would be the perfect opportunity for a Green New Deal.

But instead rushing to help Americans hurting for their next paycheck, Pelosi apparently prioritzed TV appearances.

While President Trump's ad was receiving praise for its effectiveness, Joe Biden has been called "racist" for his latest attack ad.

Biden attempted to slam Trump's COVID-19 response in regards to China, but it turns out some Democrats aren't happy with Biden's ad.

Business Insider has more on Biden's failing ad:

[The ad] positions Biden as his hypothetical foreign policy foil, showing a clip of Biden saying, "I would be on the phone with China making it clear: We are going to need to be in your country. You have to be open. You have to be clear. We have to know what's going on."


However, just as pervasive (if not more so) than the praise were criticisms of the ad's rhetoric, with many criticizing the way in which it portrays China, its people, and its government.

Others expressed frustration at the Biden campaign's apparent lack of willingness to reach out to progressive voters, particularly given the messaging of the ad.

Biden has condemned some of the anti-Chinese rhetoric that President Trump has espoused in the past, tweeting on Feb. 1 that, "we need to lead the way with science β€” not Donald Trump's record of hysteria, xenophobia, and fear-mongering."

Ouch, Joe.

It's gotta hurt when your own base turns against you!

This is yet another example of Trump's strong grasp on social media and Biden's weakness in new media.

Even as the novel coronavirus threatens to upend traditional retail campaigning, Trump appears to maintain a massive advantage on social advertising!


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