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Move Aside Netflix… Border Wall Construction Live Cam to Launch This Week!


Streaming services like Netflix have new competition!

The White House has announced that a livestream showing construction of the border wall will launch this week.

Americans will be able to watch the live cam any time that they want to see the president’s key campaign promise fulfilled.

Multiple webcams will showcase the promise that has been kept.

So far, 164 miles of new border wall have been completed.

An additional 300 miles of new border wall will be added by the end of the calendar year.

More details on this exciting development below:

Even as the Trump administration fights vigorously against the spread of COVID-19, it is keeping its promise to keep America safe by securing its borders.

The Washington Examiner has more details on the live cams at the border:

The Trump administration this week plans to set up a border camera to stream the construction of the wall President Trump promised in 2016 and that his administration is delivering on.

Under consideration since top aide Jared Kushner first proposed it in November, the “wall cam” will go live some day this week, said an administration official. It will show the construction of the first 164 miles of the complicated border wall.

“People will see that President Trump is coming through on his promises,” said a top aide.

Another added, “This shows 164 miles of promises kept.”

The wall camera will be on the website of U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

Kushner and his staff, most recently in charge of the president’s effort to find and build ventilators needed for patients with the coronavirus, have been working on the wall camera for months with the CBP and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers building the wall. They have held weekly meetings to get it ready for this week’s debut.

Despite the livestreaming, the administration has been diligent to protect proprietary information.

The livestreams will not show the technology being used to build and monitor the wall. 

They will also be sure to protect the contractors, border agents, and any other personnel involved with the building of the border barrier.

Many Democrats have attempted to brand Trump as a liar, snake oil salesman, or con artist.

The Trump administration is launching the live cams partly in effort to demonstrate "irrefutable evidence of progress."

They want to provide transparency for the voters to prove that Trump has kept his key promise.

The Washington Post has more details on this effort by Jared Kushner:

Kushner has continued to press forward with the 24-hour-wall-cam idea anyway, viewing the feeds as a crucial part of the administration’s effort to demonstrate irrefutable evidence of progress. Trump asked Kushner to take over the management and messaging of the border barrier project after the government shutdown last winter because the president was so frustrated that work hasn’t been going faster.

Trump and other White House officials also have been eager for photos and videos of new barriers, including aerial footage, that the president can share on his Twitter account.

“It’s understood that Kushner is so aggressive because the president has been asking him about it all the time,” a senior White House official said.

The July meeting that Kushner led included White House acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney; Trump’s senior immigration adviser, Stephen Miller; acting Homeland Security secretary Kevin McAleenan; and acting CBP commissioner Mark Morgan.

Kushner has convened border barrier meetings every two weeks or so since then to press for a faster pace of construction, telling others the president has told him to get the job done and to dispense with excuse-making by aides, a White House official said.

The administration will be able to "edit" out any shots that jeopardize anyone's privacy. 

Because there will be multiple cameras, the streams will be able to cut to another angle if a border patrol agent or contractor enters the frame.

Border security - and personal security - are important to the president!

The next time Trump supporters are able to chant "Build the wall" at a rally, they'll be able to do so knowing full well that it is indeed being built!


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