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The Prophetic History of Donald John Trump


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Do you know the history of Donald Trump?

The family history?

The prophetic history?

Do you know there is more to this man than many realize?

Let’s start with this video from prophet Charlie Shamp, on why he as a prophet supports President Trump….and why he supported him from the very beginning:

Watch Charlie discuss why he  as a Prophet of God supports President Donald Trump and why he believes God chose him to be president. Also discover what we as the church should be doing at this time.

Here's more from Charlie on Kim Jong Un:

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And do you know the Trump family is tied into the Hebrides Revival?

Watch this:

And this:

Now, if you lovd any of those, get ready for the cherry on top.

These are some of my favorite videos online.  

Enjoy (and be sure to note the dates they were published, often before the major events they were predicting):

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