DID YOU KNOW? President Trump Announces America Is #1 In Clean Drinking Water AND #1 Economically!

I guess you can have both?


Remember the horrible Paris Climate Accord?

It would have been disastrous for our country.

What’s funny is that in the upside-down world we live in controlled by Satanic pedophiles, everything is always a mirage.

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They present something like the Paris Climate Accord as saving our environment, but in reality it would have been TERRIBLE for the environment.

Oh, and it it would have bankrupted the United States.

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Don’t forget about that little fact.

But under a Godly, strong leader like President Trump, we’re turning things right-side up again.

And so it was with no surprise when I saw President Trump announce today that not only is the United States now #1 in terms of access to clean drinking water but we’re also booming economically!

It’s funny what happens when you do the EXACT OPPOSITE of what the Deep State pushes down our throats!

Take a look:



Look at all the wonderful comments to his post:

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