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Massive ICE RAIDS Set To Begin Post July 4th!

Watch out!


Watch out folks, President Trump is ready to unleash ICE like never before!

After initially planning to turn them loose back in June, he agreed to pause his plans for two weeks while he gave the Democrats a chance to make a deal.

No progress appears to have been made, and it looks like the raids will go full force within a day or so.

Watch out!


When will people learn that President Trump doesn't bluff and he doesn't mess around?

Here's the report from CNN:

President Donald Trump said that his administration still plans to launch a series of Immigration and Customs Enforcement raids starting in about a week, sometime after the July Fourth holiday.

Trump postponed the raids planned for 10 major cities last weekend, granting a two-week delay to see if an agreement on immigration reform could be reached with congressional Democrats and Republicans. Congress is now on recess through next week.

When asked during a press conference Saturday if he was still holding to the deadline, Trump responded, "Oh yeah." Trump was in Osaka, Japan, for the G20 summit. 

"Unless we do something pretty miraculous, but the Democrats it seems to me they want to have open borders," the President said, adding, "We will be removing large numbers of people."

He said that the raids would come "starting in a week after -- sometime after July 4th," later adding that "at the end of the second week we'll be removing people, legally removing (them)."

On Thursday, the Democrat-led House passed a $4.6 billion emergency border funding bill that originated in the Senate and will go to the White House for the President's signature. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi backed down from an effort to alter the legislation, saying instead that the House would "reluctantly" take up the Senate bill "to get resources to the children fastest." 

Trump praised the effort Saturday, saying, "We did get in a very bipartisan way, and I appreciate Speaker Pelosi because she really worked with us. It was humanitarian money."

And from

Immigration rights groups are gearing up for mass protests nationwideas President Donald Trump warns mass raids targeting undocumented immigrants will begin “sometime after July Fourth.”

Speaking at a news conference during his trip to Japan earlier this week, Trump said federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents would begin raids soon "unless we do something pretty miraculous.”

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Trump had previously warned that an ICE operation targeting undocumented immigrants with deportation orders was poised to begin. But he called them off June 22 and said he would instead give Congress two weeks to work on new laws to slow the number of immigrants illegally crossing the U.S.-Mexico border.

But he said not enough progress has been made on reforming asylum laws for migrants showing up on the border, so ICE will move ahead with the previously planned raids.

“We will be removing large numbers of people,” Trump said.

Several immigrant rights and activist groups -- including MoveOn, United We Dream, Families Belong Together and American Friends Service Committee -- are planning nationwide protests Tuesday.

There are more than 150 #CloseTheCamps protests scheduled for Tuesday, including a 7 p.m. protest at the Elizabeth Contract Detention Facility, the site where ICE holds adult immigrant detainees in Union County.

And from USA Today:

President Donald Trump said the nationwide raids by immigration authorities that were delayedlast week are planned to take place sometime after the July Fourth holiday. 

The raids planned by Immigration and Customs Enforcement in major cities across the nation were delayed after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., called Trump. The president announced June 22, a day before the raids were reported to begin, that he would give Congress two weeks to work on asylum laws and the flow of migrants at the southern U.S. border. 

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Trump, during a news conference after the G-20 summit in Japan, said that was still the plan despite Congress being on recess this upcoming week. House Democrats have pointed to the recess — which would impede the House from passing a bill on the issue — as a reason to the delay the raids. The operation was set to take place in 10 major cities and was aimed at rounding up undocumented immigrants and deporting them, according to various media outlets, including The Washington Post.

"Unless we do something pretty miraculous," the president said the raids would happen "sometime after July Fourth."

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"We will be removing large numbers of people," Trump said. He added the process for reforming asylum laws should be easy, though presidents for decades have struggled with such legislation. 

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"We could do it quickly, we could do it in a day, we could do it in an hour," Trump said. "We could reform asylum very quickly."

The president said tougher laws and a wall along the border could help halt this flow of migrants and prevent deaths like that of Óscar Alberto Martínez Ramírez and his 23-month-old daughter Valeria, who drowned in the Rio Grande river in Mexico. A harrowing photo of the father and daughterface down in the river was published Tuesday by the Associated Press and renewed debate over the U.S. immigration system. 

"If they thought it was hard to get in, they wouldn't be coming up," Trump said. "So many lives would be saved."

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