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Is The Kamala Harris Prophecy Coming True?


Four months ago, we brought you this article:

BOOKMARK: The Charlie Shamp Prophecy About Kamala Harris In 2020

As you can see by the title, we told you to Bookmark it and check back to see how it was going.

At the time, Kamala Harris was NOT a well-known name.

Even today, she falls behind Biden, Bernie, Buttigieg and others in name recognition.

Here’s a portion of what we told you in that article:

Ok friends, I’m publishing this in March 2019.  

It’s from a video made by prophet Charlie Shamp in February 2019 and it’s all about his prophecy he says the LORD gave him about Kamala Harris.  

I’ve been following him for a while now and he’s been right about several things in the past, most notably Brett Kavanaugh before most of you even knew the name Brett Kavanaugh.

He’s put forth this prophecy that is quite frankly very surprising.  

I have both the YouTube video and the Facebook video copied below in case one gets taken down. 

In short, here’s what I understand him to be saying:  

He says Kamala Harris will indeed run for President in 2020.  She will become a main rival of Trump.  But she will be betrayed by the people who put her in power at some point during the process and she will become aware of it.  She’ll be dismayed that something like that could happen to her.  At that point, she’ll have a choice.  With her eyes opened, she’ll have a chance to essentially join the other team and expose the corruption.  

You can view the actual video of the prophecy here.

So, why am I bringing this up?

Because after last night, everyone is saying Biden TANKED and Harris won the debate.

Here was the headline from The New Yorker:


And the headline from The Nation:


And from CNN:

Kamala brought the fireworks while Biden fizzled

We learned a lot about the candidates last night, but the most important takeaway is that Sen. Kamala Harris is ready for the fight, and former Vice President Joe Biden is not.

Harris, who has shown her prowess grilling everyone from Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh to US Attorney General William Barr, came out of the gate with high expectations and went on to exceed them. She lit up the stage every time she spoke, which was often. And she came across as poised, poignant, and punchy, with the confidence of a chief executive. 

When everyone was shouting and arguing over each other, Harris -- like a teacher taking control of an unruly class -- delivered the line of the night: "America doesn't want a food fight they want to know how to put food on the table”

And she showed no fear by directly attacking Biden’s record on race. 

Biden, who had a terrible night, proved why it’s a miserable job being a part of the old guard when it seems the Democratic party is leaning toward diversity and a progressive vision for America. His fellow Democrats showed little deference, and Biden played defense much of the evening, too often leaning on his Obama crutch. 

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Two lines in particular characterized the depth of his challenge. Defending himself on race issues he responded with a line that sounded as figurative as literal: “My time's up, I’m sorry.” And when Rep. Eric Swalwell reminded him of times he talked about passing the torch, Biden painfully and unconvincingly declared, “I’m still holding onto that the torch.” Translated, “You can have my torch when you tear it from my dead, cold hands.”

Mayor Pete Buttigieg had a great night demonstrating why he has come from nowhere to be a top-tier candidate in a field crowded with better-known personalities. When he speaks, Buttigieg sounds thoughtful and earnest, without a hint of the over-rehearsed soundbite that often comes with more seasoned politicians. 

It’s refreshing to hear a Democrat talk about faith and values. And having recently come under fire after a white officer fatally shot a black man in South Bend, Indiana, Buttigieg took responsibility for the lack of diversity on the police force by admitting, “I couldn’t get it done." 

While many commended Buttigieg for his honesty, John Hickenlooper took advantage of the moment by pointing out that when he was mayor of Denver, Colorado, he diversified the police force and implemented de-escalation training years ago. Hickenlooper said, “The question they are asking in South Bend and across the country is why has it taken so long?” Ouch.

Also from CNN:

The evening's star was Kamala Harris. She seized her moment, delivering sharp, impassioned answers that did not avoid the questions (looking at you, Bernie Sanders). She made easy-to-remember points, noting that Americans should only have to have one job to earn a decent living.  

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She criticized Trump’s tax cuts for benefiting the rich. When her fellow candidates became too rambunctious, she shut them all down, saying “America does not want to witness a food fight. They want to know how we're going to put food on their table.”  And then she took issue with Biden's past position on busing, offering up an anecdote that was impossible for him to defend: Her personal story of being a child of busing herself was the viral moment of the night, hands down.  

Not only did Harris soar, but Biden TANKED.

Biden performed so badly that a story just broke about him losing a top fundraiser.

And the article speculates many more will follow.

From Politico:

A fundraiser for Joe Biden’s 2020 campaign said he is no longer supporting the former vice president's White House bid — and predicted that others may follow suit.

Tom McInerney, a San Francisco-based attorney who was a lead bundler for former President Barack Obama, told CNBC he informed Biden's team of his decision on June 20. 

The news of his break comes one day after Biden delivered an uneven debate performance that provoked new doubts about his candidacy and turned a spotlight back on his controversial statements and past policy positions on civil rights and abortion.

“I had actually let the campaign know I’d pulled back my support of Biden for now,” McInerney told the cable network, adding, “I don’t think he did well last night."

And in a potentially troubling sign for Biden, McInerny predicted that others were likely souring on the Democratic front-runner. “I would imagine I’m not alone,” he said.

In the most notable exchange of Thursday’s debate, Kamala Harris unloaded an impassioned criticism of Biden’s decades-old resistance to federally enforced busing to desegregate public schools. The California senator also rebuked his widely criticized comments from earlier this month about working with segregationist lawmakers during his time in the Senate.

A host of Biden’s primary rivals have sought to inflict further damage on the top-polling Democrat in the hours since the confrontation on stage — calling out his compromises with Senate Republicans, slamming his vote to approve the Iraq War, and casting doubt on his ability to help bridge America’s racial divides.

So, is this good news for Trump?

I think so. 

It also proves the prophecy may be 100% correct.

And if so, then you MUST listen to what he said will happen next with Kamala Harris.

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It is not what you might expect.

If the prophecy continues to play out, we're going to be in for some absolutely incredible twists and turns that no one except Charlie Shamp ever saw coming.

Read more here.

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