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Rep. Kevin McCarthy Joins Calls For Adam Schiff To Resign!

Or be removed!


They are calling for Adam Schiff to resign….or be removed.

First came President Trump himself calling for Schiff to resign!

Take a look:

Now comes @GOPLeader Rep. Kevin McCarthy and he's calling for the same thing.

Rep. Kevin McCarthy: Does Rep. Adam Schiff honestly think he knows something more than the entire, two-year-long Special Counsel investigation? He needs to step down as chairman of the committee.


Why is everyone calling for Schiff's ouster?

It's not just politics.  

It's one thing to disagree politically, but Schiff has taken it to a whole other level with many people believing he KNOWINGLY spread a lie.  

If that's true, that's a problem.  A big problem.  

That cannot be tolerated in our democracy.  

Which is probably why Tom Fitton and Judicial Watch filed an ethics complaint against him.

Check out the video here and link below:

READ MORE:  New Ethics Complaint Filed Against Adam Schiff

In case you need a refresher, this all stems from Adam Schiff repeatedly saying he had direct evidence of Trump-Russia collusion.  

Yet, for over two years Robert Mueller was given full investigative powers and found NO EVIDENCE!

If Schiff had evidence, why not turn it over to Mueller?

Of course, that makes no sense.  He would have given Mueller the evidence in a heartbeat if he actually had any.

It appears he didn't.

It's like a big bluff in poker....and sometimes you crap out.  

Which is why people now believe it was a big rouse.  A lie.  An intentional lie.  

And that's a problem.

MEMO TO SCHIFF:  if you had/have evidence, produce it!  Otherwise, stop spreading misinformation!

For more on that story, read it all here:

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Here's more from the Washington Examiner:

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., on Thursday slapped down the suggestion that the top Republican on the House Intelligence Committee should relinquish his post.

McCarthy's defending the standing of Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Calif., after all nine GOP members of the panel signed a letter calling on Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., to resign as chairman because they had "no faith" in his leadership given his repeated assertion there was "more than circumstantial evidence" that President Trump colluded with Russia. 

"We want to know we're safe. We want to know we can trust what comes out of that committee. He has no ability to produce his job when every single member on the other side said I can't stand for you to stay as chair, and to equate that any way with Congressman Devin Nunes is wrong," McCarthy told reporters of Schiff during a Capitol Hill press conference.

McCarthy, who this week said Schiff was "unfit" to be chairman, added that special counsel Robert Mueller's work as part of the federal Russia investigation vindicated Nunes' doubts that the former FBI director would uncover any wrongdoing by Trump.

Nunes, who was House Intelligence Committee chairman last term, bowed to political pressure and recused himself as head of one of the House inquiries into links between Trump and the Kremlin after he reportedly visited the White House in March 2017 to discuss raw intelligence information showing Trump transition team members had been surveilled by law enforcement agencies. The House Ethics Committee later cleared him of any impropriety.

And here's even more from the Washington Examiner:

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., said Monday that Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., should step down as chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. 

McCarthy said Schiff used his high-profile role as leader of the committee to push a false narrative about President Trump and insinuate to the American public that Trump colluded with Russia. 

“I am calling on him to leave the committee as chairman,” McCarthy said during an interview on Fox News Monday. “He should apologize to the American public, and he should step back from being chair of the intel committee.” 

McCarthy tweeted out a video of him calling on Schiff to resign, writing: “After two years of manufactured outrage on this issue, it’s time we move on for the good of the nation. It’s also time for @RepAdamSchiff to apologize for deceiving the American people. He has proven himself unfit to chair the House Intelligence Committee.”

Watch more from Kevin McCarthy below:

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