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Dick Morris Says Collusion was “Hillary’s Hoax!”


Was Hillary Clinton the prime conspirator behind Russiagate?

Apparently so, according to someone who knows the Clintons and their corrupt methods well, Dick Morris.

Morris, who advised Bill Clinton while he was Governor of Arkansas, recently published an Op-Ed accusing Hillary of paying for the phony dossier that led to the futile Mueller Investigation.

Check out these tweets sharing the publication:

Here's an excerpt from Morris's Western Journal Op-Ed which detailed Clinton's scandalous role:

It was Clinton who bought and paid for the phony dossier that led to the $40 million investigation that found NO COLLUSION.

Flashback to the summer of 2016. Clinton was having difficulty getting traction against Donald Trump. Despite the obvious lines of negative attack that Trump’s record suggested, she was unable to bring him down.

Criticism of his scams at Trump University, his employment of illegal immigrants in his Florida resorts, his evasiveness about releasing his tax returns, his putdowns of Latino immigrants, his business bankruptcies, the horror stories of defrauded contractors, his brutal dismissal of John McCain’s heroic war record, and, eventually, his disgusting boasting on the “Access Hollywood” tape all failed to destroy or even weaken him.

Lesser mortals would have crumbled under such a barrage, but Trump seemed to be Teflon.

So Clinton and her longtime minions — including reputation assassin Sid Blumenthal and his wacky sidekick and career dirty trickster Cody Shearen — delivered elaborately specific allegations about a corrupt nexus between Trump Tower and the Kremlin.

It was called “the dossier.”

The problem was that the dossier was nothing but a collection of lies and misrepresentations masquerading as intelligence.

To embellish the story, the campaign hired Fusion GPS, a negative research firm, to provide details of the imagined conspiracy. There, Nellie Ohr, wife of Bruce Ohr, the number four person at the Justice Department, worked with Fusion CEO Glenn Simpson and Shearer to embroider the allegations with publicly available circumstantial evidence.

When their exercise in creative writing was over, they hunted up a source to whom they could attribute the resulting dossier. They hit upon former UK MI-6 agent Christopher Steele. In return for a fee — paid by the Clinton campaign — Steele permitted his byline and credibility to be slapped on the dossier cover page. A well-respected spy in Moscow in the 1990s, Steele seemed the ideal front man.

Armed with this fanciful narrative, Clinton used the phony charges in the make-believe dossier as ammunition against her Republican opponent in their debates. Finally, she thought, she had a winning issue and she pounded it with greater force in each of the three successive debates.

Trump would be Putin’s “puppet,” she charged. She accused Trump of “encouraging espionage against our people.” She said Putin “very clearly” favored Trump and said that it was an “unprecedented situation” when a “foreign government” is trying to “interfere in our election.”

As Trump gathered momentum, Obama’s national security team rallied to the cause of defeating him. Director of Central Intelligence James Clapper and the CIA Director John Brennan both worked overtime with Obama holdovers at the Justice Department and the FBI to leak phony disinformation that seemed to attest to the veracity of Clinton’s charges.

In a desperate bid to derail Trump’s victory, they leaked the dossier right before the election (with the help of Sen. John McCain).

You can read the entire article for yourself here.

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