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BORDER CRISIS: Border Patrol Arrests 3,700 Illegal Aliens, Largest Single Day Total In Over a Decade!

What more do you need to know?

The men and women in our Border Patrol are doing AMAZING work!

But they shouldn’t have to be working at this level.

We need a Wall and the stats back it up, and this story makes that abundantly clear.

Customs and Border Patrol from Arizona just announced that they arrested 800 illegal aliens in just a two day period!

Folks, those are staggering numbers!

Take a look at the announcement:

The 800 arrests were just from the Yuma sector in Arizona.  

When looking at the entire border, the numbers jumped up to 3,700 in ONE DAY, which set a record not seen in over a decade.

Not the kind of records you want to be making!

Take a look:

The CBP also put out this video with more information on the very real crisis at our border:

Wake up America!

What else do you need to see?

It is a clear and present danger!  A crisis by any definition of the word!


Previously, CBP in Arizon had arrested 306 in one day, READ MORE HERE.

And another 326 on this day, READ MORE HERE.

And don't forget about this:

National Guard Arrested 23,034 Illegal Immigrants and Seized 35,000 lbs of Drugs During Border Deployment, READ MORE HERE.

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